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Cushing wins DROY - Orakpo FOURTH in voting

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I actually don't have an issue with this. Rak had a great year but his lack of other stats beyond the Sacks and disappearance in the last 3 games made it tough to put him ahead of the other three.
Cushing wins in a landslide.


Texans rookie linebacker Brian Cushing wasn't always the most well regarded linebacker on the USC Trojans. Now he's been recognized as the best rookie defender in the entire league.

Cushing received 39 of a possible 50 votes to win the AP NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year Tuesday. Bills safety Jairus Byrd finished second with six votes, while Cushing's college teammate Clay Matthews finished third with three votes. Redskins pass rush Brian Orakpo got two votes.
Doesn't matter. The Redskins got the rarest commodity on defense, a pure edge rusher who can change a game on any one play.

Tackle-eating linebackers like Cushing are a lot easier to find in the draft and free agency.

We got one in London Fletcher 3 years ago.

Orakpo at DE in 2010 gets 15-16 sacks and enough forced fumbles and hurried throws to allow the takeover ratio to tilt in our favor.
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Don't know enough about the kid from Buffalo, Matthews and Rak are about as statistically even as you can be, but Cushing really deserved it. It would have taken at least 2 or 3 more sacks by Rak to get it since Cushing had 4 int's and was 5th in tackles, doubling Matthews and Orakpo's tackle numbers.

I will have to look at Byrd's numbers before I say it was not an accurate conclusion.

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