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Cowboys team meeting at mid-day on Monday

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Oct 1, 2009
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Wade Phillips: Ok, let's get this meeting started with roll call...Romo

Tony Romo: Here.

Phillips: Barber.

Marion Barber: Yo.

Phillips: Whitten. Where's Whitten?

Romo: I think he got lost on the way to our meeting.

Phillips: Figures. Moving on - Austin.

Miles Austin: Here.

Phillips: Ware.

DeMarcus Ware: Jessica Simpson.

Romo: WHAT???

Phillips: Huh?

Ware: Lindsay Lohan.

Austin: Dude took a shot to the head last night.

Phillips: Uh, ok. Choice.

Tashard Choice: Here. Oops! <Drops ham sammich on floor>

Phillips: Brooking.

Keith Brooking: &$#*^^$, &^^$@, *&%$%, and $#@#*&%%$.

Ware: Paris Hilton

Brooking: She can &$#*^^$, &^^$@, *&%$%, and $#@#*&%%$.

Phillips: Buehler. Buehler. Buehler.

Romo: My favorite movie of all time.

Phillips: Buehler. Buehler. Buehler.

Brooking: He can &$#*^^$, &^^$@, *&%$%, and $#@#*&%%$.

Phillips: Davis.

Leonard Davis: I thought there was a buffet.

Choice: You can have my ham sammich.

Phillips: Barron. Anybody seen Barron?

Austin: He's still holding the front door open for everyone.

Jerry Jones (busting in): What was that you bunch of lazy %$#*&^, good for nothing %$*@#$%, and $#@#*&%%$.

Brooking: What he said and &$#*^^$, &^^$@, *&%$%, and $#@#*&%%$.

Jason Whitten: What did I miss?

Choice: Mr. Jones, you can have my ham sammich.

Ware: Perez Hilton

Alex Barron: I'll be glad to hold him.

Brooking: He can &$#*^^$, &^^$@, *&%$%, and $#@#*&%%$.

Phillips: This was a good meeting. Take the rest of the day off fellas.

Jones: This ham sammich tastes funny.
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Ok, maybe we need a little more humor in this thread. Here is a Cowboys fan and his rant after the game - hilarious.

I cannot tell you all how happy that makes me!!!

LOVE this thread. Sometimes you can't get enough of Boys fans' misery or just simply making fun of the team. :)
1. Loving that Cowboy fan's misery.
2. That Cowboy fan needs to send out a posse in search of a life. Goodness, my wife heard it from the other room and asked "who's THAT loser?". Indeed...it's a game buddy.
Somebody Blog that damn post. :)

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