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Could Lorenzo backup FB ?

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Sep 28, 2010
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I'm thinkin, why not ?
He's athletic, he's versatile, has played just about every other position, and he delivers nasty hits on ST, so I bet he could lay down some decent blocking as a FB. Could he be an emergency guy behind Darrel Young, and maybe even save a roster spot in the process ?
yeah i think he could. he'd be excellent too.

i hope there's never a reason to cut him. the utility that he provides this team is simply amazing.

in fact, i hope when he gets close to retiring, they find a way to get him at QB for a few plays. just because.
I must say it's hard not to really like Lorenzo's willingness to do just about anything asked of him on the football field.
I don't know why not. Earlier in his career with the Redskins he spent time playing offensive guard and tight end. He's very versatile.
No chance they cut the one man gang!
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No chance they cut the one man gang!
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i agree with your mentality about him, but i am concerned one day they will cut him. there's pros and cons to being a jack of all trades, master of none.
i'm hoping, for his sake, he settles down and can earn a starting position somewhere on this team. if he never earns that then he may always be a candidate for being cut.

although maybe the other way of looking at it is if you can't make a starting position then be versatile and make it hard to justify cutting you. maybe they'll never be able to justify cutting him.
I hear what you're saying, T, I'm just not sure you can put a price on versatitlity and willingness to adapt like that. The man moves all over the field to help the team, so as long as his physical skills are relatively intact, they should be able to find a spot for him. We're not going to have dominating starters and depth at every position, ever.
I mean, eventually he will be cut, football players have finite shelf lives. I meant this season!
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He is still one of the most valuable Special Teams players we have. Even if he doesn't master any position on defense, he will be with us for at least a couple more seasons because of his value on ST.

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