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Apr 1, 2011
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A few weeks ago, my orthopedist fitted me with some temporary knee braces that he said were designed to realign my patellas and hopefully make me able to function somewhat normally with smaller braces. Luckily for me, they have had an amazing effect and I haven't had to take any medication for my knees in 2 weeks. I feel great, so I decided to see if I can get back into the workforce.

I discovered that a bunch of apprentice programs and government jobs have opened up around here, so I started applying for a lot of them. They all said I had to take a COMPASS test, which I did at TCC down the street. I have my scores, but I don't know what is considered good, average or above average, so I was hoping someone here could give me some insight as to how I did. The scores sound good, but I have no idea what kind of point scale they use, so I don't know.

On writing skills, I got a 92. On reading placement I got a 90. On math placement I got a 99. Obviously, if it's a 1-100 scale, I did awesome. But if it's a 1-200 scale I did horrible. I just need to know what is considered passing and if anyone knows what kind of scores the shipyards and government typically require.

It's one of those situations where I am pretty confident I did good, because I knew the stuff on the test, I just worry a lot by nature. Google was no help, because one thing I found said 99 is perfect, and another thing said it varies state to state and can go as high as 130 in some states.

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