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Colt Brennan in serious car crash...

I saw that last night. Thoughts and prayers...
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This morning saw he had a broken collarbone, but nothing about being in serious condition. Hope and pray he recovers quickly.
Hope our preseason champ can recover quickly. Wish we could channel his attitude to several players that are currently on the roster. Colt didn't have the talent to stay at this level, but you could never question his heart and desire.

Best wishes to Colt.
Brennan has always been one of those players whose play in a game situation eclipsed anything the 'talent evaluators' saw elsewhere. I think had he gotten lucky and been a backup when the starter went down for a significant period, he might have proven you wrong and shown the ability to be an NFL quarterback. I think Kurt Warner was the same kind of a guy.

We'll likely never know though.
I don't know. You could be right. I loved his attitude and dedication. He had some time with Zorn. Had some time with Shanahan. Then he had some time with the Raiders. For whatever reason, it didn't work in these situations.

You would think some team that is qb challenged would put him on the roster as a 3rd, but no one seems to think he can succeed at this level.
I'm glad this turned out not to be as serious as originally thought. Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery Colt!
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