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Cobblestones is a go!


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Jul 16, 2011
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Just wanted to send a note to share that a radio roject that I've been working on for a while now, Cobblestones: Going Gonzo for Jim Henson is a go. I got this word this morning that it will be aired on WAMC in New York and New England. The airdate they set is Sept. 30.

It's pretty darn cool. I interviewed puppet builders, writers, actors, and others who worked with Jim Henson since about '73. They wrote and acted in brand new skits with me for the special and it is filled with the joy, history, and cleverness that was behind the Muppet phenomenon.

Everything took longer than I expected, but I think that's always the case. The process was geek heaven to be honest and the most delightful thing is that meeting these people did not dispell any childhood illusions.
Awesome, Burg! That is exceptionally cool. I wish I was in one of the areas that it's airing because I'd definitely listen. Will there be a way to find it online or something?
Usually, they will stream it or link it for a period of time. This is actually the first "special" I've sold. So, I'm learning a bit as I go. WAMU, here in the DC area, is still in play since the broadcast areas don't overlap. They've been saying positive things, so I'm hopeful about them too.
I am a huge muppets fan - this is a shirt I wear often:


please send a link to the podcast once it airs!
There actually is a cool anecdote about the creation of Statler and Waldorf by Bonnie Erickson and a belt sander in the piece.

When I can. I will.
So can you tell me if Bert and Ernie are gay? :movefast:

Congrats burgold!

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