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Coach of the year


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May 17, 2010
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I think Bruce Arians has to get some serous considerations
The Redskins have what, 7 rookie or second-year players making significant contributions? That's coaching, and Shanahan should definitely get a good look. I think Pete Carroll will get some strong consideration also.
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Bruce Arians hands down. The guy is the interim coach. If anyone else is even being considered, it should be Peyton Manning. What? he calls all the plays.
so all he did was step in to a system and keep it going. thats not hard to do. All you do is follow the plans laid out for you and you win.
9-3 with him, 1-2 without him. Chuck was gone a long time, not sure he deserves credit for what the Colts have done in the last 12 games.

And every other interim coach in NFL history just stepped in and followed the plans, but they almost always sucked and didn't have a career beyond their interim stint.

The Colts were 2-14 last year, and 1-2 when Chuck left earlier this season. It was Bruce Arians who turned them into a playoff team in my opinion.
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The Saint's interim head coach just stepped in to follow plans, that didn't work out so well. And their team was loaded with veteran talent.

There's a lot of candidates this year, but I haven't followed any of them enough to know who should win. I just hope this new crop of teams is more than a flash in the pan. I'd love for there to be a changing of the guard, if you will; sick of seeing the same teams in the playoffs every year.
They also had a lot of suspended players as well as major distractions from the league office itself.
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Suspended on paper only. They all still played while appealing the suspensions.
I'm with you, Mike - no chance Arians gets it. I think Fox, Carroll, Shanahan & Frasier will finish in the top 4, not sure who'll win.
Fox is a **** coach. Always has been, always will be. He is where he is, because Peyton calls every play on offense. Without Manning, they'd be the typical Fox 6-8 win team.

I don't see how Shanahan could win it either, although if this progress continues through next season he could easily win it next season.

In my opinion, Bruce Arians and Pete Caroll are the only two who should be seriously considered. And I dislike them both and wish neither one had the success they did.

But, it's all based on opinion, and as this thread has proven, ours are all different. There is no right or wrong. And like most years, it will probably be someone who a lot of people think shouldn't get it.
When the Redskins beat Dallas on Sunday night, they will be the first team in like 10-15 years to make the playoffs after starting out 3-6 (first since Jacksonville in the late 90s). And he'll have done it with significant contributions from rookies & second-year players, and massive injuries/suspensions on defense.

THAT'S why Shanahan will get consideration. He most likely won't win, but you can't look at the Redskins' success and not consider him. You just can't.

EDIT: And as far as John Fox is concerned - his specialty is defense, not offense, so it doesn't matter who calls the offensive plays. His defense is 3rd in yards & 5th in points, and the Broncos are the 2-seed (with a chance at the 1-seed if the Texans **** the bed again this weekend).
I don't think Shanahan will win, but I think he's a worthy candidate.

I always liked Fox and thought he got a bad rap in Carolina, mainly because he had a garbage owner. But that's just a gut feeling, I don't know a whole lot about the guy.
His defense is 3rd in yards & 5th in points, and the Broncos are the 2-seed (with a chance at the 1-seed if the Texans **** the bed again this weekend).
I see what you're saying, but the defense hasn't been winning their games, Peyton Manning has. And it doesn't mean Fox doesn't suck. I'm sure he'd make a great coordinator, he just isn't a good HC. Same problem Wade has. This is his 11th season as a head coach, and only his 4th winning season.
Arians is the sentimental favorite, since he took over for a coach with cancer and guided the Colts to playoff. He did this with rookie QB and gutted roster.

I feel Carroll and Shanahan will get some attention. My vote would be Shanahan. He took a team from 3-6 to verge of winning the division, with 2 rookie QB's.
Bruce Arians was in THE toughest position this year. And he did a phenomenal job. I can make an argument for either Harbaugh, but I believe the coach award was NAILED by the writers.
I thought it should be Pete Carroll.

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