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Clay Matthews calls on NFL to protect defensive players

The NFL is king. Feel free to pay your respects.


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This is an interesting appearance from the notable but usually not that given to publicity sackmaster Clay Matthews of the Green Bay Packers.

He may have a point, though.

Clay Matthews calls out the NFL

Simon Samano, USA TODAY SportsShare33 Comment

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7:18AM EST October 9. 2012 - We often hear the NFL preach about protecting quarterbacks and defenseless receivers, but what about defenseless defenders?

Case in point: The Houston Texans lost All-Pro linebacker Brian Cushing on Monday night when he suffered a left knee injury in the second quarter against the New York Jets.

The extent of Cushing's injury? We don't know for sure, but our Mike Garafolo says it doesn't look good.

TEXANS: Top Jets to remain undefeated

How it happened? We know exactly how it happened: a blatant chop block from Jets guard Matt Slauson. See for yourself:

This didn't at all sit well with Green Bay Packers outside linebacker Clay Matthews, who took to Twitter during the game to vent his frustration.

"If the NFL really wants to increase player safety, start protecting players on BOTH sides of the ball," tweeted Matthews, who was teammates with Cushing at USC.

MORE TWEETING: Terrell Owens to Jets: 'Let's make it happen'

Matthews continued: "Where is the NFL's protection on blocks below the waist like that on Cushing. Double standard!"

Can't argue with Matthews on this one.
Article link: http://www.usatoday.com/story/gameon/2012/10/09/clay-mathews-brian-cushing/1621955/


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One I've always shaken my head about is how if a defender so much as brushes the ball carrier's facemask with his hand, it's a 15 yard penalty. But every game, you see a violent stiff arm from the ball carrier that involves forcing the defender's head backwards, then twisting and pulling them to the ground by the facemask, but that's completely ok? It's BS.


mathews has a point
that said most of the problem is with defenders that have decided turning themselves into a missile, keeping their arms at their side and their head down is the best way to tackle.

offensive players have few options when it comes to preventing injuries. unless they're throwing cheap/illegal blocks (like mathews is talking about) or intentionally lowering their head (RB's seem to do this most often these days...), most of the responsibility lies on the defender. tackling properly is how we prevent majority of the preventable injuries, thats why the focus is on how defensive players play more than offensive players play.

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