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Christmas Music Thread


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Feb 1, 2010
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Waynesboro, VA
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Sitting here in my car listening to Handle's Messiah, reflecting on what a beautiful piece the whole thing is.

Will post sound bites later when I get home if I can figure out the recording NPR is using.

What are your favorite Christmas songs/pieces/music/videos/etc?
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Mainly because it's my wife, but this is my favorite Christmas song ever, now.

Pretty sure I posted this last year. I know it will not have much meaning because it is based on our hometown landmarks, but here it goes again.

I love that song Brian, good stuff :D

Aside from that and humorous Christmas songs, if it isn't Nat King Cole or the Neville Brothers, I generally can't stand Christmas music as a whole. It just irritates me. Especially when every year someone tries to come out with a rock version of one, or completely changes one. It almost always makes it infinitely worse lol.
I'm not really a 'country music guy', but Randy Travis has a Christmas album that is really wonderful.

I know this is a little late, but the gf wanted to go see Trans-Siberian Orchestra for Christmas, so we went. Man, was that a terrible concert, and not at all what we expected. The Christmas classics are cool, but then they have a bunch of slow, crappy solo artists singing terrible songs in the middle. At one point a guy dressed like a bum came out and sang for what felt like 17 minutes, and it was absolutely awful!

I love me some TSO holiday music, but will never go to a concert again. Awful!
Wow...I saw the show last year, Lanky, and loved it. Different strokes I guess, huh?
Sorry I missed this thread.

I've long been a fan of Xmas music...both traditional (the Mormon Tabernacle and I go way, way back) and, as I get older, of original and creative takes on traditional pieces. Here's one of the latter I discovered last year that has a place on the collection I'm working on. :)

Little Drummer Boy - Jars of Clay
If you'll indulge the Tribesman, here's my contribution:

Awesome. :)

Every year around the holidays, I find myself telling someone I'm half-Tribesman.

Sometimes they'll oblige me by asking, "Which half?"

To which I get to repond, "The lower one."


And, in the spirit...

You guys gave me enough input to search for the videos and make it a nice DVD for next Christmas.


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