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Cerrato counters Portis and critics: 'Skins roster is playoff material

Seriously, there's something wrong with vinny. I question his state of mental being. he probably shouldn't even have a drivers license at this point
and we have had playoff rosters for ten years. So why only playoffs twice, excluding 1999? Sick of hearing it. teams that have playoff rosters, like the Colts, Steelers, and Pats, well, they go to the playoffs.
Vinny's remarks are a testament to not only his own instability, but it sure helps show why the whole organization has lost it's flippin' mind.
This is evidence that Vinny should be arrested for illegal drug use. Worse, he apparently isn't sharing what he is smoking with anyone but The Danny because the rest of the world sees the roster for what it is.
Yo Vinny-

Admitting you have a problem is the first step.

Admitting you are the problem is the second.
Somewhere in the coagulated mass of undifferentiated neural protoplasm that substitutes for a functioning brain in Vinny Cerrato's cranium-the last few still active neurons are giving up the fight...one by one by one.:insane:

That’s the 2nd time I’ve heard Vinny talk about losing Samuels and Thomas. Of course the line would be better if those guys were healthy….and they were both 5 years younger…..and we had some developing talent behind them….and….oh forget it.

Vinny will not deal with reality here. You can’t count on a couple of old linemen, both with recent history of season ending or season limiting injuries, making it through 16 games. Even when completely healthy our O-line had some question marks, especially in pass blocking situations. Did he honestly expect either of these guys to make it through the season? I didn’t. No reasonable person would. It’s exceedingly rare to have any O-line stay healthy for a full season. Even with all of our question marks on the O-line he did nothing to give us any quality depth at any position. Mike Williams was his answer? He can’t be serious. Signing a guy off the street who hasn’t played for 4 years was part of his master plan?

The cupboard is bare as far the O-line goes. It’s been bare for years. Everyone outside of Vinny seemed to have an understanding of this. I can’t answer why it wasn’t addressed. Good thing we didn’t have those worthless mid round draft picks to use on linemen. We’ve talked about it here so much I just decided to stop beating a dead horse. I think it’s the key reason our offense is struggling. More so than anything our WRs, RBs or QB could do.

Free agents and throwing money at the problem isn’t the answer on the O-line issues either. You need young hungry players who have talent or who can develop. They stay healthier and cost less. We start making a cake by trying to apply the icing first.
Remember when Vinny said the team 'had a plan' when Marty was fired and for the fans 'not to worry about the future'? :)

In came Mr. Gator and the decision to dump Stephen Davis and replace him with Trung Canidate and start first Shane Matthews then Danny Wuerffel at quarterback.

Yeah, we had a plan alright. A plan to scuttle our own ship :mad:

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