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CBS sports:Idiotic play call seals Zorn's Doom in Washington

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Jul 15, 2009
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Yikes. I've never read an article from a journalist ranting on a coach like this.

People like you and me, we like to exaggerate. We like to watch a struggling team like the Washington Redskins, with a struggling coach like Jim Zorn, and we like to say things like, "That guy's an idiot."
Do we mean it? Not really. In our heart of hearts, we know that an NFL head coach can't really be an idiot, especially a head coach who once played quarterback in the NFL for 11 years. A guy like that -- a genuinely nice guy like Jim Zorn -- obviously knows football. He knows a lot more football than people like you and me.

Only today, I'm going to say this, and I'm not going to exaggerate. I'm simply going to make a reasonable observation about genuinely nice Jim Zorn:

That guy's an idiot.
- By Greg Doyle
click above link for the rest of the story
We've been saying it all year. It kinda stings to hear a mediot use those words, though. Just fire the guy already. Vinny was the one who stupidly said Zorn would be here for the rest of the year and he's gone so we don't have to stick to anything he said.
Can't say I disagree. You should always call 'em how you see 'em, and what I saw was a series of idiotic plays and an embarrassing blowout on national T.V. against a division foe. I'm really not looking forward to the 'Boys-'Skins game this week.
...And how was Hunter Smith supposed to get off a pass, with the entire Giants' secondary and linebackers clogging up the area of the field where all of the eligible receivers are, and 3 defensive linemen rushing against only one blocker... who ends up pulling up and going out as a receiver anyway.
The author doesn't seem to notice that Todd Yoder, presumably having reported as such, is the snapper on this play. Haven't checked the rule book recently, though. If the center cannot be eligible no matter what, disregard and pass me a torch.

Yoder pauses at the snap as if to block, lets the rushers go, then breaks to the right corner looking back over his should and clearly expecting the pass. I think the one Giants defender who follows him queered Hunter Smith on trying to make the throw, and he panicked and tossed it into the scrum on the left side instead as the rush got to him.

Not defending the call, particularly after the time out, but in terms of idiocy, I think the play itself is fine if either the punter has the moxy to make the "tough" throw to a sort-of covered Yoder anyway, and doesn't hold it long enough for the pass rushers to get in his face.
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Run it the first time? Sure. Once the Giants called Time Out and thought about it, you go with the conventional play. Or maybe that is just me.

Forward Pass

A forward pass may be touched or caught by any eligible receiver. All members of the defensive team are eligible. Eligible receivers on the offensive team are players on either end of line (other than center, guard, or tackle) or players at least one yard behind the line at the snap. A T-formation quarterback is not eligible to receive a forward pass during a play from scrimmage.
Hmm. :paranoid:

Quick, someone fine me either

1) a caveat for special teams and reporting in as eligible, or
2) a pitchfork to go with my torch
It also looked like the Skins were trying to fake a screen and then send Davis deep in the End Zone to where Hunter was throwing the ball.

The only problem:
1. Davis wasn't there when Hunter had to throw the ball
2. There were only 3 Giants in that spot.

I can't blame Smith though, you got 3 guys unblocked coming at you, you just throw the ball up and pray I suppose.

If Hunter had a better arm, he may have been able to hit Yoder, but again I'm not sure if he qualified as eligible b/c he snapped the ball.

Hmm. :paranoid:

Quick, someone fine me either

1) a caveat for special teams and reporting in as eligible, or
2) a pitchfork to go with my torch

I'm not sure, but I think since the entire OL went all the way to the left, they count as the center, guards and tackles. I don't think the center is defined as the person who snaps the ball, but I could be mistaken.
Uh oh, we now have to threads about this subject! MERGE! haha (kidding).

Anyway, yeah, as I said in the other thread, I think the play was suppose to go to Yoder, but the Giants prepared for it and covered it up. Bad play to run after a timeout.
I'm not sure, but I think since the entire OL went all the way to the left, they count as the center, guards and tackles. I don't think the center is defined as the person who snaps the ball, but I could be mistaken.
Could be right ... don't have time to dig now, but watching the replay, it's clear to me the idea was to send 9 guys left, hope to sell NY on left, then go backside right with Yoder.

Reading Todd's body language, looks clear to me he expected to get the ball ... so either the coaches really are clueless and didn't know he was ineligible, or the Giants got good 'stay at home' discipline and reaction from the guy over center.
In his defense, I mean what else can you say, it was by far the worst thing I've ever seen out of this team. I really didn't think it could get any worse, but that play call last night proved it could.
Darn, if we had only kicked the field goal I think we would have won.
I believe that Yoder being lined up at the end of the line of scrimmage made him eligible, also he may have reported in as an eligible receiver even though he snapped the ball.

Also, as I understand it, it's Danny Smith who comes up with these special team trick plays, not Zorn. So although Zorn needs to go, you can't hang the entire thing on him.

This loss belongs to the entire organization, except for Bruce Allen. His clock starts 1 second after the last game is over.
At 1.5 seconds, Zorn best get the boot. Or just be left in San Diego
I have a hunch Zorn won't get the boot until right after the ink on Shanny's (or whoever's) contract signature is dry-I don't think the danny wants to risk another 2008.

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