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Camp Quotes: McNabb, Portis, Fletcher, Moss, Johnson, Kelly


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Quarterback Donovan McNabb

On if he misses having offensive tackle Trent Williams on the field:

"Well, I'm sure they're going to handle that situation [Williams' contract]. We've all been through that at some point in our career. I'm sure they'll take care of it and be right in to continue on what he started."

On the benefits of training with receivers during in Arizona:

"It's kind of tough [to see] right now. As this camp continues on, you'll definitely see. I think in our routes there, you can see the timing of us all being able to work well in some of the route combinations that we have. We're going to put it to use out here on the field."

On the difference between training camp and mini-camp or OTAs:

“We're progressing. It's kind of hard to make an assumption or any type of evaluation from today. But tomorrow we start things out and it's going to be exciting."

On the commitment shown by his teammates in training with him in Arizona:

"One thing I tried to do when I first signed here was be here with the guys, and workout with each other and push each other. I think what they saw was a guy that just wants to work hard and just wants to win. Just communicating with those guys, we all had that same attitude and mentality. They came out to Arizona and we continued it on. We worked hard. We pushed each other. And I think we're going to benefit from it being out on the field."

On wide receiver Malcolm Kelly:

"Malcolm's a guy who works extremely hard. He did a great job when he was out in Arizona. I guess there were articles written about him tweaking a hamstring or whatever. He did a pretty good job out on the field today."

On if it feels weird to go through training camp without the Eagles:

"Not really. I've been around these guys for two and a half months or so. It's been an exciting vibe. I'm looking forward to it. I think for all of us, we've been anticipating this opportunity to really get started. After today, hopefully we got this out of our system and we can continue to move forward."

On if he was happy with the tempo of practice:

"Well, I think the tempo was high. Obviously we know about the situation with the weather and the conditions out. And I think everyone was trying to kick the rust off a little bit. When you have practices like this, you obviously can go back and watch the film and learn from your mistakes. But most importantly you can put it behind you and get ready for tomorrow. That's the exciting part about being in training camp. You're going to have some ups and downs. With a day like this, you can come out tomorrow and be able to correct that and try to feed off each day."

On if the tempo was better than the execution at practice:

"It's hard to evaluate a day like this. We go through a whole day of meetings then we come out here for an hour and change to practice flying around. I think things will start to be competitive more tomorrow and as the days continue on. We look forward for tomorrow."

On the future for this team:

"One message I try to send to these guys after being in Philadelphia, obviously the expectations every year are high, and I think you have to make them high. You have to set goals that are high and are attainable for yourself. And for this team, all of us have that same goal and that's to win a Super Bowl. I think in order for us to do that, we have to come out on this field and be very effective in game situation. Be very methodical on the offensive side, defense, everyone reading their keys and doing the right things and playing off of the guy next to you. I think for this team, the attitude is a lot different from what I understand than it has been over the past couple of years. I think when we get a chance to get out on the field, people will begin to see that."

On the difference in atmosphere between Philadelphia and Washington:

"Just from being around the guys, it's an energizing bunch. Obviously they're young, but still, we have a lot of great athletes that are just ready to explode. Given the opportunity and the offensive and defensive scheme, you give them that opportunity to be able to make a lot of plays for you in the game. I think you want to put guys in a position to be successful, and being in this situation, it does remind me of being in Philadelphia. It was an exciting time and it's exciting here. Look at the fans here today. We had hard rain coming down early on, the sun comes out and we got our fans here. Tomorrow's probably going to be a lot more. The vibe is definitely picking up as this day continues on and we want to just display good successful play."

On if he enjoys being the face of a franchise and the responsibilities that come with it:

"There's a lot of responsibility to it. A lot of people would love to be in the position until they're in it. They can't handle it. But I enjoy it. I kind of drive off of it because your guys rely on you. They have that confidence that you're going to get your job done, and they'll do the same. There's a lot that entails being a franchise quarterback as well as the face of the franchise. I understand that and a lot of other guys do as well. So that's why I really take pride in what I do out here on this field as well as when I'm off the field."

On why it was important for him to train with his teammates in Arizona:

"It's very important for a team. One way that we kind of utilize that was that it was an opportunity for us to bond a little bit more, work on our chemistry and timing, as well as being off of the field spending some time together getting to know each other on a personal level. I think a lot of times that's something that's kind of the unwritten thing. People don't really want to spend that time doing that and they just get out on the field and think everything's just going to work well."

On the running backs:

"All of them present different features. When you hand the ball off to them, you have that confidence that they're going to break one and make something happen. When you have three guys like that and you have a guy like Clinton [Portis] who has been here and has been very effective and also a Pro Bowler, it makes your job a lot easier. I've been in a situation when I've had a Pro Bowler and an ultimate weapon in the backfield and teams had to gameplan for him. When we played against Clinton, we had to gameplan for him too. You just want to find ways to get the ball in his hands and just watch him work."

On if he connected with the fans:

" This is a team that loves their Redskins. I'm happy to be a part of this team and I'm happy to be here. I want to show them that it was the right move for them and put some wins on the board and put us in a position to get to that ultimate goal."

On the differences in the offensive schemes of Head Coach Mike Shanahan and Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach Andy Reid:

"It's been a drastic change. I think a lot of times that West Coast Offense gets thrown around, but this isn't the West Coast Offense, by no means. It's an opportunity for me to kind of learn something new. Getting an opportunity to watch and see how [Houston Texans quarterback Matt] Schaub had his success, he and Andre Johnson, and the success [Mike Shanahan] had in Denver with the run game, the screen game as well as the nakeds and keeps, and the list goes on. There's a reason why Schaub threw for 4,700-4,800 [yards] last year, a Pro Bowler, with Andre Johnson and things of that nature. When a quarterback has that trust with his receivers, good things happen. I've had it. Obviously for the last year and a half to two years in the past, I think that's something that I look forward to having here."

Running Back Clinton Portis

On if Mike Shanahan addressed him as being the starter:

“No you know I never worry about the depth chart man. I am confident in my ability and knowing that I am healthy, it’s a friendly competition. As you all say it’s open for the best man to win, so we will see who will prepare.”

On if he thinks he is in better shape than previous camps:

“I do actually, coming in and having the opportunity to be here all offseason and participating in a real offseason program, not coming in with anything lingering, having the opportunity to recover I feel great.”

On if the concussion from last season motivated him to do well this season:

“Yeah, I actually do. It’s like out of sight out of mind. With myself having a concussion which was an unfortunate situation, it was like all of a sudden I disappeared off the face of the earth due to a concussion. Everybody felt like I fell off, you really see people’s true opinions. Everybody wrote me off, everybody felt like I was over and done with, but I had a concussion, I recovered, I'm back, I'm healthy and I'm looking forward to helping this team win.”

On if the new running backs are pushing him:

“Just the competition, you know I feel like Ladell (Betts) is a great back. Having Larry (Johnson) and Willie (Parker), Keiland (Williams), Ryan (Torain) and having those guys it's just a difference. Being in the NFL you see people come and go year in and year out, it's a business. Having the opportunity to play with Willie and Larry, two people that are proven in the NFL, it just helps us. I think all the pressure is gone. We know we can come in and whoever gets going is going to play.”

On how Donovan McNabb has fit in:

“I think it’s been a smooth transition. I think a lot of people around here loved playing with Jason (Campbell), but when you get the opportunity to get a Donovan McNabb and learn from a Donovan McNabb and see the way he coordinate the huddle and operate up and down the field you look forward to it.”

On if McNabb has rubbed off on the offense:

“I wouldn't say that it was Donovan that rubbed off on guys. I think it was the organization. With Coach Shanahan coming in setting the rules, everybody abiding by the same rules, I think that it has players buying in. It was like if you want to be a part of this team then be a part of it. He gave the people the opportunity to get up out of here so this is our team and this is who we are going to fight with.”

On his thoughts of the first day of training camp:

“Having fun. I think being away from football you get the opportunity to hear all the naysayers. For myself, I know football is about having fun and coming in to this organization where Coach Shanahan says he's the one with the pressure and everybody needs to go out and play and do the things that he asks you to do. Play football and have fun doing it. I think that gave all of us the opportunity to not worry about off-the-field problems that we've been worrying about, the public relations problems and everything else that leaked out in this organization. So just having a better organization and having something ran at a professional level makes everything a lot easier.”

On what bothered him about the concussion:

“Everything that happened with it being reported, it was crazy around here, but it is a new year and we got a new opportunity and we are looking forward to it.”

Linebacker London Fletcher

On the first day of training camp:

“We had a great day of practice. All the players were out here working hard and everyone was looking forward to the first training camp practice with Coach Shanahan. Coach Shanahan thought we were buying into what he was doing. The weather was a little bit difficult for us because it was raining earlier and then very humid later on, but that is what training camp is for. Overall, I think it is going to be a great year for the Washington Redskins.”

On if he spoke to Albert Haynesworth today:

“I talked to a lot of my teammates today. Albert is coming here with the right mindset and he is ready to work. Having the right mindset is important because from there a lot can be accomplished. I think everyone out here is working hard and trying to get better each and every day. The offseason is just talk, but now is really the time to play football. We need to now focus on our football and move forward.”

On Albert Haynesworth not passing the conditioning test:

“I think players out here are really concerned about themselves for the most part. It was a tough day out here conditioning-wise with the rain and humidity. The great thing about training camp, with this being the first day, is that tomorrow you get another opportunity to improve your conditioning and play. Albert is here and we are happy and excited about that.”

On if he is disappointed that Albert Haynesworth was not practicing the first day:

“I think everybody is working hard and trying to get better each day. We look forward to tomorrow, we look forward to improving as a team, and we look forward to improving individually. There are certain expectations from everybody on the football team and there is no animosity between players.”

On Donovan McNabb joining the team:

“I have played against Donovan McNabb for a number of years. I know how great of a quarterback he is and what type of skill set he has. I knew what McNabb would bring to our football team from a talent, leadership and professionalism standpoint.”

Wide Receiver Santana Moss

On differences between Jason Campbell and Donovan McNabb:

“He (Jason) was a leader in his own way. He’d interact with us. Most quarterbacks, they’re real serious, they like to just come in and do their work, but Donovan likes to joke around and have a good time. He is a leader that’s not always going to be serious. All the moments out here are not going to be serious, and you got to have fun to make it through the day sometimes.”

On working with McNabb in Arizona:

“Once we all got there, there was no question, this was pretty intense. We went out there and got it done. We would get some good work in during the morning, then take a nap and eat lunch, and at 5:30 go back out and run routes. It was a productive move for all the guys that went there.”

On sensing the difference in this coaching staff:

“Oh yea, you could sense it from day one. From the day they came in you could tell they were different. They wanted things on demand, no matter what you did previously; they were going to make you do it their way. I feel like the most productive teams out there have those kinds of coaches.”

On Albert Haynesworth not being here all offseason:

“Everybody has their own say-so about it, but one thing I’ve always done since I’ve been in the league is worry about myself. I can’t worry about the way Albert does what he does, he’s his own man he knows what’s best for him. There’s going to be coaches and players that have their own opinions about that, but at the end of the day, he’s the one putting on his clothes, not them. All that being said, you have to respect the coach’s wishes, and a guy like myself, I’m going to do that.”

Running Back Larry Johnson

On being aware of the large Redskins’ fan support he has:

“It’s always good when people recognize that you are from here and grew up around this area. It’s great to have fans come out. It’s actually my first time having a training camp where you’re at home. In K.C. (Kansas City Chiefs) we always went up to Wisconsin. It’s great. It’s a nice showing that everyone came to support.”

On DT Albert Haynesworth not being able to practice:

“I don’t think it was disappointing. He showed up, that’s what everyone wanted. I think that’s what all the fans and organization wanted to see. He still came to all the meetings and came out. Whatever he does after that is pretty much on him. Everyone’s glad, I’m glad he showed up.”

On how the first day of practice was for him under Head Coach Mike Shanahan:

“It feels good. The weather is nice. The grass and the field are beautiful. It’s way better than going to Wisconsin every summer camp. It’s great to have fans and I’m excited about the season.”

On the starting running back position:

“I can practice as hard as I can. Whatever the coach’s decision is, is the coach’s decision. All I can do is go out there and put my best on the field and know what my abilities are and go from there.”

On if he is healthy:

“Yeah I’m healthy. I haven’t really been nicked up too much and had a really great offseason of workouts. So it’s been good.”

On if he is practicing with the mentality of a starter:

“You have to. I don’t think anyone is out here practicing with the mentality to be a backup or third on the depth chart. You come out here to win. It makes everybody better when you come out here with that same mentality.”

On what about Washington D.C. made him want to come home:

“The fact that my dad is known to recruit down in this area and the fact that my dad won a couple of state championships in the Maryland area. I have a lot of family in Virginia. To me it’s like coming home and being around family. It’s great to have an opportunity to play when coach (Mike) Shanahan is the coach here because I know his great works as far as being with Denver and what he has done in the past.”

On playing with QB Donovan McNabb:

“It’s been exciting. I’ve always watched him even when he went to Syracuse when I was in high school. It’s exciting to be with someone that has so much history at the quarterback position and him being what he was in Philadelphia.”

Wide Receiver Malcolm Kelly

On if he has a hamstring injury:

“Just talking to the trainers I don’t really think it is a hamstring. They said it’s right at the bottom where they say the hamstring connects to something else. It’s not really a big deal. Like I said I didn’t really think I was going to practice today. I came out today and I was running full speed and stuff like that.”

On if the hamstring is a concern to him:

“I’m not really concerned because if I was going to be out a week, maybe I would be concerned but I’m not concerned.”

On if he feels good mentally:

“Yeah I do. I made a commitment, me and the coaches, to drop some weight. I dropped about 15 pounds to come back lighter and in shape. I got the playbook down. So now it’s just a matter of just getting out there. Once I get over this little hiccup, I will be good.”

On what the coaches’ plan is for him during the first week of practice:

“I will go get two more treatments on it today. The way it felt yesterday I didn’t even think I would be at practice. That just shows you how fast it is heeling. I’ll be good.”

On working with QB Donovan McNabb in Arizona during the offseason:

“Just to get out there and get to bond with him. A new quarterback, you’re out there in his area where he is from. It’s away from the coaches and away from the facility but you still get good work in. So it was a big help there.”
The common themes amongst these players/quotes...

Strong leadership - coaching and the front office. Working hard. It's all about the team. Willing to learn new systems and schemes. Respect for and at the quarterback position. Staying focused. No drama queens.

Far different than last year.

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