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Camp Quotes 8/25 - Zorn, Bugel, L. Fletcher


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August 25, 2009
Redskins Park

Redskins Head Coach Jim Zorn

On Rock Cartwright's groin injury:

"He's one guy that most coaches never worry about because he's always ready to go. So having him sit out today, it was absolutely necessary, and he hates to miss practice. We're just going to check it out and see how severe it is."

On if Stephon Heyer is the starting right tackle by default:

"No, I would not say he is there by default. He has taken every opportunity to step in there and not look back. He's really done a nice job in taking pride in it, he hasn't looked over his shoulder, and he hasn't been concerned with who's there and who's not. But when's he's there, he's playing hard."

On how Stephon Heyer's run blocking ability is improving:

"He has really improved himself. We do not have to be left-handed with Chris Samuels; we can go both ways and feel comfortable in both sides of the field."

On why the offensive line appeared skewed at some points last season:

"Well they're skewed that way because of who Chris Samuels was. That doesn't mean that the run blocking on the right side is bad. You decide on who can cut off better, too, and who can block better at the point. I think they'll be a better mix this year; it won't be so much trying to run over one guy."

On the importance of the third preseason game to get Jason Campbell in a
rhythm entering the season:

"I think that for Jason he'll be playing more, he'll work it, trying to get into a better rhythm, try to get into a fast start, and be able to put drive upon drive together. Part of winning quarterback play is coming off onto that sideline, regrouping, coming back in and doing better the next time. And he'll have the chance to do that playing through the first quarter, into the second quarter and maybe finishing that second quarter as well. We look for some continuity there, not only with him but with the whole group. Both offensively and defensively and then we're trying to find who that group of special team kamikaze guys really are, the guys that can really run down the field relentless and put it to the opponent."

On the first team offense not scoring a touchdown this preseason:

"We controlled the ball a little bit last week, which was a real plus. I was disappointed that we didn't put that ball in the end zone for six, yet we did get points. I'd like to continue to do that and score touchdowns, not field goals. I'll take the points, because we have to take the points, but we are down there to score in the end zone."

On if this third preseason game could solidify a starting spot for Devin
Thomas or Malcolm Kelly:

"I don't know if it's this game. It may not be until a couple games into the season. I think they really are even right now. I've seen them both working to try to set themselves apart and yet they're both climbing while they're doing that so I think it's very difficult to tell. They both have a real strong desire to be 'the guy,' and yet Antwaan Randle El is battling in there too. It's a little bit clouded. I don't really have a decision to make yet, and I don't know if it will come that soon."

On linebacker Darrel Young making an impact on special teams:

"He is one of the guys in the group. He has to make it or break based on his performance on special teams. It has been a progression. I would say it is a question mark. For a bigger guy he runs fast, we want to see more than that. We want to see what kind of attitude he has when he gets there. Can he tackle? Can he punish when he gets there? Can he take the right lane? Those are the things that will make a difference."

On whether or not he feels the players are playing with more intensity as it
becomes time to cut the roster to 53 players:

"I think guys realize we have 80 guys and we are cutting down to 53. I think guys realize they need to give their best effort to be part of this group. I think there are guys that we will have to let go that are talented. They have improved themselves. They will be playing in the NFL because they are good players. It is the most difficult task to find that chemistry of the 53 and keep those guys thinking they are pretty good and not a failure."

Redskins Offensive Line Coach Joe Bugel

On keeping one fewer offensive linemen:

"I don't think you ever volunteer to shorten that position. You need at least 10 guys. You need a couple on the development (practice) squad, because you can't just squat in the neighborhood and pick up an offensive lineman. Not in this system. This system, you've got to know it inside and out."

On undrafted rookie center Edwin Williams:

"Edwin Williams has been a pleasant surprise, I'll tell you. I moved him to guard - he's another guard/center. He's power-packed now; you look at his lower body and that's the kind of body you like to have on a football player. He's learning. It's taking some time because the techniques are a little bit different, but he has a real chance. He has a legitimate chance because he can whack you. You've got to stay on him, my foot's been in his [butt] ever since he's been here, but that's the way it goes. I think he can take that tough loving; I'll find out. I'm going to break him. I'll get his scholarship somehow."

On Jim Zorn in his second year as head coach:

"Everybody knows the system. We made some great improvements in the offseason on a lot of things. 'Z' (Zorn) is a great listener, and I thinkhe's a hell of a leader. I think he's doing a hell of a job. He listens to his assistants. He confers with us. It's not like, 'I know everything.' He has been super. I enjoy working with him and for him, I really do. He's always listened. I think you keep on advancing year in and year out. You can't get stagnant, you know? This is our offense and this is how we can improve it. We don't call it west coast, east coast, north, south; this is our offense, how can we make it better pass-protection-wise, runninggame-wise. When our staff gets together, this is a very impressive staff, and I'm not just saying that to say it. Very impressive staff because there are no fights gets a chance to talk. That's all you can ask for."

On the level of opposition this preseason:

"I like this. I like playing the AFC teams. I like playing these three teams, and ending up with Jacksonville. Because you find out who you really are. If you don't wear a jock strap, you're going to be in trouble, because these guys know how to play. They'll knock them off, you know? I'm so pleased with the way our group has adjusted to this, because a lot of these kids, I was afraid were going to go ask Ray Lewis for his autograph before the game. They really rose to the occasion and I think you really find out about a lot of things."

On the third preseason game:

"Every week, for the first three weeks, it's been playing against great players, the real all-pros. So you get a chance to see, 'Hey, how far away are or how close are we?' That's the bottom line right there."

On why starters play less now in preseason than they did a decade ago:

"Limitation of squad. When we had 130 [players], we played our regulars because if they got hurt, we move somebody else in. Right now, you don't want to keep Chris Samuels in with a bunch of 'Hey-Yous' on the other team flying around, going for his knees, stuff like that. That's the biggest thing - preservation."

On Stephon Heyer:

"The biggest thing is I saw Stephon grow from first, second, to third year. I mean, he's a completely different person right now. It means something to him. He's very serious."

On if he limits practice time for Chris Samuels and Randy Thomas:

"We did, we did. During two-a-days they only went once. During the season you watch them all the time. I mean, we're not stupid; you've got to get ready for Sundays you know what I mean? All the violent contact is just about over right now. They get what they can, and whenever they want to rest they just say 'Hey Buges just alternate with me,' so we have a great relationship as far as that goes."

On if he has an idea of where the backups stand:

"It's day by day with Mike Williams. The games he played in, he didn't play a whole lot, but he did good. So, hopefully we can get him ready for New England, and if not New England, than the last game at Jacksonville. I like what I saw from him, I like the training regimen, I like him losing all the weight and he stayed strong. The unfortunate thing is that he's had some nagging injuries, so I'm looking forward to seeing him. [Chad] Rinehart is getting a lot of play in there. The guy that has surfaced has been [Will] Montgomery. He's had a stellar camp, and he's a rough, tough guy. He was here every single day, and I don't want to beat on wood, but he's type of guy who you have to sledgehammer to get him off of the practice field. He is a tough dude."

On if Will Montgomery seems like Casey Rabach's clone:

"Yeah, he learns a lot from Casey about signal calling. At that position you have to be a great signal caller. You have to understand football because all of the information goes to the center and then he makes the point, but he's really grown leaps and bounds."

On if Mike Williams' injuries are taken into account when deciding the final

"Well, everything is taken into consideration, like if a guy is going to miss the season because he's hurt. I think the nagging injuries at one time you have to say 'I'm playing'; tape an aspirin on it or tape an Alka-Seltzer on it and let it dissolve, you know what I mean? Just play. I wake up every morning hurting from head to toe. This is a violent game and you're going to be hurting. If you're not hurting, you're standing over there with me on the sidelines, so it's time to wrap it up. In the old days Alka-Seltzer was a large aspirin; let it dissolve and it was well, it was better. There are a lot of opinions today, so I'm looking for the physical, the violent, and the smart guys. Whoever that ends up being will be the guys that will make it. If you're not violent and you're not physical and you can't practice, then 'hey, had a great camp stud.'"

On Reuben Riley and D'Anthony Batiste:

"Riley's got some power, and Batiste I moved to tackle because we got Devin Clark sitting out with a knee injury, and we've got Mike Williams. So I had to move Batiste out to right tackle. Batiste, after watching him, looks like he's a better tackle than he is a guard. He's not a powerful dude, but he's got some good feet, so he can block the rabbit type of rusher, whereas inside you're facing those 320-pounders like Albert [Haynesworth]; you better have a big rear end and a big anchor."

On Albert Haynesworth:

"If you think you can go one on one with him all day then you're in trouble. I have a great respect for him and I have a great relationship with him out here. He is getting [Derrick] Dockery ready to play the game. Dock has to go against him in pass pro (pass protection) every day, and it's full bore, and Albert can move this building if he decides to do it. He is a great pass rusher, and he's made Dock a more aware pass protector because if you drop your head, he's by you in a minute. He's got defensive end speed, believe it or not."

On the right tackle position battle:

"Stephon Heyer is way ahead of everybody. He's a legit tackle. He's improved tremendously. This is his third year and he deserves to be the starter. He's been through all kind of torment and torture by me for three years. He deserves this opportunity. He's taken advantage of it. Whoever shows up, that guy has to be able to play right and left tackle, because when you dress seven for game time, your center has to play guard, your tackle has to be able to move all over the place, right and left, so that's what we're looking for right now."

On whether the team feels pressure as the season approaches:

"I think we're fired up. I don't think anyone feels pressure. We are playing every game under pressure because there are high expectations. Right now, there are elements we need to see. We are trying to be organized enough to see all of the different things we want to so we can evaluate the players and the schemes correctly."

Redskins Linebacker London Fletcher​

On game planning at this point in the preseason:

"You are out of training camp now so you can actually focus on who you are facing. As a starter, you have to mentally prepare yourself knowing that you are you going to be playing a lot this week."

On the intensely level for the Patriots game:

"The intensity is obviously going to pick up because you know you are facing a really good football team. Then we are going to be doing it for the majority of the football game. Obviously, the focus has to be there. We are watching a little more film. We are paying a lot more attention to everything that needs to be done so we can play well."

On balancing injury concerns with playing hard during the preseason:

"You cannot go into a game thinking about that. You go into a football game understanding what the job brings with it. You want to go out there and play well and not worry about what type of game it is. That is how you got to approach it."

On the preseason schedule:

"I really do not know our schedule. I play it one game at a time. I think we have had some great challenges. We opened up at Baltimore, who was in the AFC Championship game. Then we played Pittsburgh, who was the Super Bowl champion, and New England, who was 11-5 and did not make the playoffs. If you think about the opponents we faced in the preseason, we are battle tested."
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Gotta love Bugel. "Hey, Mike Williams: take an aspirin and strap 'em on or it's been nice knowing you."

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