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Cake or Death: That's What I'm Talkin' 'Bout!

It is done.


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Feb 1, 2010
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James Madison

We didn't blow it.

Four little words. And yet, what hope they give me.

We didn't blow it.

Oh, we had opportunities to screw it up. Some cynics might even say we tried to screw it up with bad snaps, missed INTs, coverage breakdowns (those of you in on the chat know my feelings about Miles Austin. To the rest, let me elucidate: I hate Miles Austin), etc.

But, we didn't blow it.

How nice was it to see the other team miss a FG (Jusssttt a bit outside!)? Get a crucial, crushing holding penalty? Run a stupid, makes-no-sense, dumbass play to end a half?

And yet with all that happening, Dallas still had a great chance to win it. How many times since Gibbs I have we seen a few breaks go our way, only to end up heartbroken at the end of the game or season? Heartbroken because we gave the game away.

We didn't blow it.

Here's the dirty little secret though.

Neither did Dallas.


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Oct 1, 2009
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Like I said last night in chat, we have a qb who knows how to manage close games. A Jason Campbell panics in several scenarios last night.

Side note...

Member blogs are for Premies? Not sure about that and not able to post one at this time, but maybe I'm not supposed to have that ability.


Love having a staff and veterans who have the look and feel of a bonafide football team. I'll take that slice of cake all the time.


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Jun 30, 2009
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Congrats from Packerland

My friends on that Packer site posted some congratulations for our win over the Cowpies (they hate Dallas almost as much as we do!)

A couple of comments.

"I love listening to the Cowboys post game radio show after a loss, which I'm doing right now. GREAT LISTEN."

"Congrats, servy. That's the way to start your season!"

"Glad to see your team knock off those hated Cowboys."

My favorite was this one:

"Hail to the Skins! I had em' straight up on the money line +170! Had a big day betting the Packers too!

Might be a long year for the girls, horrible offensive line. The Giants look like the team to beat in the East, Skins defense looked pretty good though; they'll be a tough out all year."

Imagine that. A Packer fan puts money on us to beat the Cowboys-and wins.

Cool. I should tell him , "you're welcome", I guess. :)

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