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Cake or Death?: It's Only 4 Games


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Feb 1, 2010
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...it's only four games...it's only four games...it's only four games... If I keep repeating that to myself, I will gain some sort of perspective,...

Nice write up :)
I keep laughing at my wife when we lose a game and she gets upset. "It's ok, we have Griffin. That's what this season is about". I don't think she's been a fan long enough for that to have the same meaning it does to the rest of us...

I'll add:
Ability to handle a loss the way a leader should: Check.
Incorporating the hard count in the 1st quarter of his rookie season: Check
Necessary Athletic Arrogance: Check
Certified Bad Ass: Checkmate

Good job Goaldy.:thumbsup:
this is a team that has just enough talent on it with Griffin that if they are healthy they can be a threat to win any of these games.

but missing a Trent Williams or Pierre Garcon or Ryan Kerrigan and there is little depth to count on.

so, right now fans have to hope and pray that no more starters go down.

Orakpo, Carriker and missing Meriweather on defense has definitely hurt.

Part of the reason Freeman was only sacked once is that Kerrigan is being double teamed and so far Jarvis Jenkins has not stepped up to be a two-way threat at DE.

Last season, Carriker came out strong and had 5.5 sacks for the Skins from a 3-4 DE slot, which is a very respectable number.

I don't think fans really appreciate how solid Adam was in 2011.
Yeah...I found myself in another fit this past Sunday as we let the lead go late in the 4th. However, like others have stated, I felt some confidence that Griff would put us in a position to win it. I found myself feeling the same thing against the Rams, hoping Shanahan would let the kid try to pick up the 4th and long. I can't say the same for Cundiff as they lined up for the kick this past week though.

I do want to say the only thing I disagree with is the accuracy on the long ball. He hit Hankerson on the one bomb that was a thing of beauty, but he has missed terribly on a number of others (Not counting the Garcon TD as a long pass, it was a 12 yard pattern). If it weren't for a couple of pass interference calls in our favor and the Garcon call this past weekend, the stats would show more incompletions on the long ball.

Great write up Goal, glad to know we have a QB we all feel comfortable with. He is special and not in a fruity beer kinda way either. ;)
Honestly, I thought the Redskins WERE going to win the Rams game because Griffin had the team driving but Josh Morgan's colossal mistake cost too much yardage.

It still burns me that a 26 year old, 4 year veteran couldn't control his temper at the end of a game where it was obvious the defense was trying to bait him.

Shut up, win the game....................and THEN take a swing at the guy :)
I try not to think about the dumb mistakes they've made to lose games, but that one really hurt. Although, I will say Shanahan's decision to put the game on Cundiff's foot from 62-yards out (or 47-yards, to be honest) was a real head-scratcher as well. I'd MUCH rather have seen Griffin with the game in his hands in that situation, but maybe Shanahan was trying not to give the rookie too much too early? I don't know.

I DO know that watching Grossman with the game on the line last year, I just KNEW he was going to do something stupid to mess it up and lose the game. I had zero confidence. With Griffin, its pretty much the exact opposite of that, which is why I was furious that Shanahan settled for a 62-yard field goal that everyone (including probably Cundiff) knew had about a 10% chance of going in.

EDIT: The more I think about it, the more I think the 15-yard penalty was a blessing in disguise, a chance for Griffin to win the game on his own, that Shanahan passed up. Because chances are, Cundiff misses from 47 also, but that's a much more "makeable" field goal than 62-yards.
And then there's this from ESPN Stats:

ESPN Stats & Info‏@ESPNStatsInfo

Robert Griffin III leads NFL in comp pct (77.3%), yds/attempt (14.7) and #TotalQBR (97.3) against 5+ pass rushers this season.

Evidently, he handles the blitz well too.
Maybe teams will stop bringing the extra guys when the figure this out? Griffin could be his own best help for the Offensive Line.
Actually, my guess is that ultimately Griffin will have the most trouble with a defense that can play Cover 2 and still get a push from the front line.

Blitzing Griffin may get more hits on him but it also creates big plays.
Another great Blog G.

No one can stop talking about him. He is simply amazing. Today would be a great chance to get that first home win. Get that dubious losing streak out of the way and he has cleared another barrier. And it's great football weather out there too. :)

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