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Cake or Death: Is it Time?


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Feb 1, 2010
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You know what the best thing is about movies? The journey. Think about it. When's the last time you were completely Kaizer Sose'd at the end of a movie? Usual Suspects aside.

When's the last time you had no earthly idea what was going to happen next? Inception? Maybe? Memento? There are precious few movies anymore that a) leave you guessing until the end, and b) leave you completely confused about what is really going on until the end.

And that's usually OK. Listen, I love Westerns. Always have. John Wayne was venerated in my house growing up. If I pass a Clint movie on TV just flipping channels, my wife knows better than to ask me to keep going to see what else is on. I just introduced my 13 year old to Tombstone last week. Love that movie. Think back to before you saw it though. Could you not have laid out some basic plot points fairly accurately without having seen it or knowing the story? The Earps move to a new town, settle down, get in some trouble with some bad guys, someone important in the family gets injured or killed, retribution ensues.

Not ground-breaking stuff, is it? Not like it differs...

Indeed. The unpredictability keeps me coming back. They can play and beat the good teams such as Green Bay, which comes as a surprise and then turn around and lose to a 3-7 team the next week in an equally surprising manner. It's always interesting to see what will happen. At this point one of the interesting things to watch will be which young players see time and make something happen. Hopefully our QB doesn't get killed on the way. And considering the poor play of the offensive line, and McNabb's history of sitting out some time during most seasons due to injury, it is amazing it hasn't happened yet.

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