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Burner’s Burning Questions – Week One

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Oct 1, 2009
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The first game of the season is in the books and the Washington Redskins put forth an offensive masterpiece in the Mercedes Benz Superdome last Sunday. The defense held on and the men in burgundy and gold were able to escape the hostile environment with an impressive victory. Let’s get to the first questions of the 2012 season.

Q1: Is Robert Griffin, III that good or is the Saints defense really that bad?
A: It’s a little of both. Keep in mind that RG3 is still a first year player and he had a couple of rookie moments on Sunday. We’ll see brilliancy for the most part and some “rookiness” this year, but he is still a special quarterback/athlete. The Saints have a weak defense, but winning in the Superdome is a very rare experience for any team.

Q2: Alfred Morris had a great first game as a rookie. Has he cemented his role as a starter?
A: Mike Shanahan is known for going with the hot hand at running back and using the position with a rotation of several players. If Morris can continue to pound out the important yardage, then his role will remain the same. Don’t discount the importance of Evan Royster and Roy Helu though. They should have significant roles in this offense in the coming weeks.

Q3: The secondary and the safeties in particular had a good game against the Saints. Can we put the fears of our safeties to rest now?
A: No. One game does not make them an elite group. They performed above and beyond the call of duty on Sunday, but the season is just beginning. Madieu Williams had several lapses of judgment and a couple of personal fouls against the secondary did not help at all. However, DeJon Gomes has a good chance to gain valuable experience and become a reliable starter. Let’s see what the next few weeks will bring before we anoint this group as good or something better.

Q4: Leonard Hankerson seems like a forgotten player at this juncture. Is he in danger of losing his place on the roster?
A: Hankerson is certainly receiving less attention in the newly installed “RG3 Offense”. It is too early to say if the young receiver will be trade bait or a candidate for release. We need to keep in mind that Hankerson is coming off of a serious leg injury and it could be just a matter of time before his role as a productive player in this receiver lineup is established.

Q5: How will the Pierre Garcon injury affect the team and Aldrick Robinson on Sunday?
A: Garcon will probably be a game time decision and it could have an effect on the team. However, Robinson did step up in the Saints game and filled in admirably for Garcon. It might be wise to let Garcon rest for another week and let Robinson take up the slack once again. Too, this could be the opportunity that Leonard Hankerson needs to prove his worth to the team.

That is all for the first BBQ of the new football season. See you again next week.

Hail To The Redskins!

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