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Burner’s Burning Questions – 2012 Season Predictions

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Oct 1, 2009
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The new season is about to begin and the Redskins are facing a tough sixteen game schedule. In the final offseason edition of BBQ for 2012, we will make a game by game prediction. BBQ would love to see a 16-0 record, but let’s see if we can make some accurate forecasts.

September 9 – Redskins at Saints
Facing Drew Brees in his house is never easy, but the Redskins have had some degrees of success in the Bayou.
Saints 38 Redskins 27.

September 16 – Redskins at Rams
The two teams with the blockbuster trade that brought Robert Griffin, III to the Redskins will face off. The Redskins secure their first win of the season.
Redskins 31 Rams 10.

September 23 – Bengals at Redskins
The first home game of the season is a memorable one for the team as they get RG3’s first win at FedEx.
Redskins 23 Bengals 17.

September 30 – Redskins at Buccaneers
The Redskins face a determined, but young Bucs team and pull away in the second half.
Redskins 33 Buccaneers 20.

October 7 – Falcons at Redskins
A spirited effort by both teams is decided by a late field goal and the Redskins absorb their first home loss of the season.
Falcons 24 Redskins 21.

October 14 – Vikings at Redskins
The visitors from the North make a pilgrimage to FedEx and lose a shootout to the home team.
Redskins 31 Vikings 28.

October 21 – Redskins at Giants
Payback can be fun if you are on the winning team. That will not be the case in North Jersey as the Redskins lose a tough one to the Giants.
Giants 22 Redskins 20.

October 28 – Redskins at Steelers
RG3 learns that some teams are very tough on defense and that a losing streak can happen in the NFL.
Steelers 28 Redskins 17.

November 4 – Panthers at Redskins
This will be billed as a matchup of young QBs who will be superstars in this sport for years to come. Round one will go to the soph.
Panthers 37 Redskins 34.

November 11 – Bye
The Redskins have a record of 4-5 at the break. The team has definitely improved over the previous season and the framework for a successful future is being established.

November 18 – Eagles at Redskins
The Redskins come well rested to FedEx and pull off an upset of the playoff bound Eagles.
Redskins 26 Eagles 21.

November 22 – Redskins at Cowboys
A Thanksgiving feast is always tasty when football is on the tube. However, the feast will not be as enjoyable for the Redskins.
Cowboys 20 Redskins 19.

December 3 – Giants at Redskins
The Redskins finally get revenge for the Mara-led cap penalty craziness. A second half surge proves to be the difference.
Redskins 34 Giants 21.

December 9 – Ravens at Redskins
The I-95 battle proves to be a tough experience for the Redskins as they face a team that is poised to make a run at the Super Bowl.
Ravens 17 Redskins 15.

December 16 – Redskins at Browns
The Redskins find that the trip to cold and snowy Cleveland is to their liking as RG3 provides a hot-handed spark.
Redskins 45 Browns 10.

December 23 – Redskins at Eagles
The Eagles are making a final push toward the playoffs and a determined effort sinks the Redskins at the Linc.
Eagles 22 Redskins 17.

December 30 – Cowboys at Redskins
The Cowboys look to extend their winning streak over the Redskins as they try to lock up a wild card spot in the playoffs. The Redskins lose on a late field goal.
Cowboys 23 Redskins 21.

The Redskins finish with a record of 7-9, but the foundation is set for the future as the Redskins will begin a series successful runs at the playoffs in 2013 and beyond.

This is the final offseason edition of BBQ. The weekly BBQ format will return each Friday during the season.
I buy that except for the Panthers. I think the Redskins will take them.
Those predictions seem reasonable. I will be thrilled if the Redskins score 30 or more points 6 times this year, seeing as they didn't break 30 all last year and have only done so 6 times in the last 6 years combined.

But I do agree that the offense should be much improved.
If I truly thought our season would go like this, BB, I wouldn't even watch.

Why bother?

Barring injury, I expect 9-7, or better.

We could have kept Zorn & Vinny if we wanted losing seasons every year.
BB, did you really predict a sweep by the Cowboys? Blargh.
When making the predictions, it is to be as realistic as possible. I don't like some of the choices either, but it is well thought out and a lot of research went into it. If the final product turns out to be 7-9 or close, then the predicitons will be fairly accurate.

Half of these choices will probably be wrong, but trying to predict the actual record is the real goal here. Remember how I did with forecasting the draft? I graded myself afterwards and that assessment was stern and straightforward. In some cases, it would be great if those picks were flat out wrong. I welcome disagreements or any kind of support for certain choices - that is to be expected. Thanks for the comments.
One I found I would tend to to put in the contingent column was the game with the Ravens-they play The Steelers, Chargers, Steelers and then us in that order.

If by chance they swept the Steelers and then also the Chargers we'd be an ideal "trap" game for them-out of sheer exhaustion from all the celebration if nothing else. :laugh2:

If the Steelers win on Dec.2nd the birds will be "Angry" indeed and that might be a tough one for us.
Serv, that was the exact reasoning I put into that pick and made it a close game as well. It could go either way when you look at the scenario that you described.
Other than us scoring 30 points 6 times for the first time since 1991 its pretty close to mine. I'm hoping we can beat Dallas, NY and Philly at least once each though.
Other than us scoring 30 points 6 times for the first time since 1991 its pretty close to mine. I'm hoping we can beat Dallas, NY and Philly at least once each though.

Win or lose, I'm confident this offense with this QB is going to generate a LOT of points.
I still see this club at 7-9 specifically because of the average talent on the OL and in the secondary.

The Giants are strong on the DL and have good WRs. The Eagles have strong rushers and good WRs. Dallas has strong rushers and good WRs.

That's NOT good news for the Redskins in the division matchups.

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