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Bullied Kid Fights Back w/ Devastating Body Slam

Too bad he didn't drop the little **** on his head. WHat a crock to be suspended
I thought whoever threw the first punch was the one that got in trouble.

I remember in high school there was this kid in my TKD class named Miguel, who has about five feet tall and 120 pounds soaking wet. Some kid sucker-punched him in the library and Miguel broke his nose with an elbow and then broke a few of his ribs with a side-kick. The kid spent the rest of the day in the emergency room. Miguel and I were having lunch that day when the principal came up and asked Miguel how many days of suspension he wanted the kid to get. Miguel said none ... the point had been made. :)

I any event, I doubt Casey will get picked on much anymore, so maybe the suspension will be worth it.
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As my Dad might say....**** with the bull, you get the horns. :)
It's a good thing Big Boy didn't finish him. He did precisely enough to get his point across without getting himself in trouble. I enjoyed seeing that little girl get his arse slammed, but the kid who was bullied came dangerously close to manslaughter. If he had carried the bully 3ft more in the direction he was headed, he would have slammed the runt into that retaining wall. If runt had hit his face on the corner of the wall and died, the big kid defending himself would have been scarred for life by the act and the legal troubles he would have faced. Yes the runt punched him twice, but he was 3 times the runts size.

Good for him for defending himself, but it was a close call when he slammed that kid the way he did.
I often pull that maneuver on anyone driving below the speed limit in the left hand lane.
UNreal. No wonder the little **** is so messed up


The mother of an Australian bully who's become an Internet sensation for being body-slammed on video by one of his victims says she wants an apology.

Somebody needs to body slam her!

She is worse than the dumb broad who fell into the water fountain while texting, then filed a lawsuit against the mall security for embarrassing her. Unreal what our society, and Australians as well, have come to.
theres a correction to the story, the mother of the bully is ok in my book.

EDITOR'S NOTE: The Telegraph newspaper in Australia apologized Friday, March 18, 2011, to the mother of a seventh-grade student whose son was body-slammed by a 10th grader after the younger boy repeatedly bullied and punched him. In correcting its reporting, The Telegraph said the mother, in fact, wants her son to apologize to his older victim. A revised version of the story

That's a pretty major typo.

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