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Bruce Allen's first task with Redskins: Repair the fissures of Vinny Cerrato's making



The replacement of Washington Redskins vice president Vinny Cerrato is the best news for the team in more than a decade. Proof is the way Cerrato went out, with the same signature flourish with which he ran the team, by in-fighting and dividing it against itself. The first job of the team's new hands-on leader, Bruce Allen, will be to heal the franchise and put everyone on the same side again.
What if the divisiveness and in-fighting is as much a reflection of Snyder’s management style as it is of Vinnie? We know that there were problems between Casserly and Turner, but did those precede Snyder’s ownership of the team or did they start as a reaction to Snyder’s management style? If the underlying problem is Snyder’s management style (and I think it is) then Vinnie leaving, while emotionally satisfying to us as Skins fans, might not really solve anything.


Unless Allen is strong enough to stand up to Snyder and work with the HC, whoever he might be, to present a united front to Snyder.
The one thing Allen has going for him is the experience he gained working with Al Davis. I would like to think that working with Snyder would be a piece of cake after serving under Davis.

I can't say the infighting is part of Snyder's management style. Think it's nature of the beast. Remember towards the end that Gibbs and Bethard had some problems. Seems that as coaches begin to gain some success they want more say in personnel, thus the GM wants to retain this right.
Good point about Bethard and Gibbs. I had forgotten that.

The experience with Davis cuts both ways. Does it mean that he can stand up to an involved owner or does it means that he will be subservient to him?

I don't know enough about Allen to make a judgement about that.

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