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Browner or Thurmond?


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Jul 19, 2009
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Bethesda Md
Post says both are visiting.

Browner has more talent but faces the 4 game suspension after noted off the field issues.

I would have to go with Thurmond here.
Well I think that's the reason Rib Jackson wasn't asked back.

You have to get on and stay on the field.
Because Trent is top 5 at one of the most important positions on the field, and Rob Jackson is a back up. :)

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could be.

I remember people screaming for Trent to be tarred and feathered for getting busted for weed. I'm just not sure we want to continue down this path or risk having it happen again in our locker room.

but I have no real reasoning or logic behind why Trent got a pass and Rob didn't.

Cuz Trent is considered to be one of the best LTs in football... I hate to put it that way but it's the truth. Davis underachieved and got castrated for it, even before his latest failed drug test.
And a VERY GOOD backup, and a potential starter.
He may not be a pro bowler, but he aint no slouch.
And unlike Fred Davis, he's had no other character issues besides that one incident.

Eh... starter potential means almost as much as tits on a bull. :)

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Don't know much about Thurmond. Browner concerns me, not because of the drugs but because of his style of play. If we aren't going to let him man up on the WR, jam the guy at the line and play physically then I'm not sure he is such a talent. That is just not a style that we have seen much of in DC under any coordinator.
true..but I am not going to say that because, to me, that's not logical. drugs are drugs and abusers of them should all be treated the same. its the same problem you see with celebrities and crimes.

but i agree with you...his talent most likely made the decision.

Thing is you and I have a different perspective then public opinion... LOGICALLY thinking, you're right...
With Porter on board this discussion is probably now moot.

We may look for a depth corner to challenge for the #4 spot but I think we have our top 3.
With Porter on board this discussion is probably now moot.

We may look for a depth corner to challenge for the #4 spot but I think we have our top 3.

Could still sign Browner and move Hall to free safety.

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I think the suspension is going to cost Browner some jobs.

After Jackson and Jenkins came back last year they were not as productive.
browner is a scheme guy, he is tall, plays the ball in the air very well and when allowed to either bump and press or play off man, he is a solid player but he is much more effective when he doesnt have to turn and run. he fits what seattle does to a tee, his drug issues are also a huge concern
We still have Minnifield right? And this will be his make or break year...
The way people speak about our situation, you would think we didn't have a young, up and coming corner named David Amerson. Who, in my opinion, did a very solid job for us last season as a rookie. Amerson and Reed were our bright spots from the rookie class. I honestly can't remember Amerson's name being brought up in discussions about the corner position this off season.

If Clark decides not to return to DC, I wouldn't be at all surprised to see us sign a CB and move Amerson or Hall to FS.
He was a rookie. Getting burned is part of the learning curve. Betting he looks greatly improved this year.
The Skins will sign or draft another depth corner because of Minnifield's injury history. Can't count on him until he proves it.
I think you're right - he was up and down. But he was a rookie. It's to be expected, that's all I'm saying. We'll know in years 2 and 3 what we have. Good news is, even if it is because Haslett is still here, he will be in the same scheme.

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