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BREAKING: NFL was ready to re-write playoff results (Satire)

Lanky Livingston


A league source today confirmed that the NFL was ready to change playoff game results at the end of the season after the overtime rules were changed. The sudden death aspect of the game was taken away if a field goal was scored first in OT, giving the opposing team a chance to match with a field goal or score a TD to win.

"Teams were verbally warned to just give up if a field goal was scored in OT against them," NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said in an interview today. "They knew what the consequences were if they flaunted the new NFL rules in our faces, and those consequences were to vacate their wins. I strongly waived my finger in their faces in a 'no-no' gesture. It was VERY clear."

When asked what would have happened if a team with a vacated win had won the superbowl, Goodell answered "we'd have crossed that bridge when we came to it. I believe the idea with the most support would have been to break the Lombardi into 31 pieces, and give each team other than the offending team a small chunk."

The competition committee this offseason will vote on whether or not to remove sudden death OT altogether. It was not clear at the time of this report whether or not those results would be held up.
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sounds like an onion segment :)

hopefully the guy ruling over the appeals makes this go away, quietly giving us our cap space back.
Good stuff. :) I gave it a vote.

I should've included a retroactive trade in the Browns thread (from last week) for good measure. It seems to be the way things are done in the league these days.

Good thinking about The Onion. They will probably have something on it in the future.

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