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Bold Predictions

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Jul 15, 2009
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Bryson City, NC
I've read some of the other predictions regarding the Skin's season in the other threads. Honestly I can’t point to any of them and say “That ain’t gonna happen”. Any of the situations I've read are plausible and some even likely. A finish somewhere between 7-9 and 10-6 seems to be the consensus for us this year and even a playoff appearance if everything goes right.

Still, what fun are half-assed predictions (no offense to any of you who made them). I can do half-assed just fine on my own. I want bold. I want decisive. I want something that I don’t already expect. In that spirit I will make a list of bold, some say foolish, predictions for this season in the NFL. Feel free to add your own but be warned, I want bold. I don't need you to tell me I'm cracked. I need you to jump in the idiot pool with me.

5 Bold (and very likely wrong) Predictions for the Season

1.The Cardinals will not make the Playoffs and will lose the division to the Seahawks.

2.The Lions will win more games this season than the Raiders and the Broncos.....combined.

3.Mike Vick will have almost no impact with the Eagles. He will have 1 or fewer TDs this season.

4.The Houston Texans will finish the season at 10-6 and make the playoffs.

5.Best record in the NFC - The Green Bay Packers. AFC honors go to the Ravens (*puke*)

*Bonus Bold Prediction* - Malcolm Kelly will catch more TD passes this season that Santana Moss.
1. Jason Campbell will throw for 25+ TDs this season.

2. Clinton Portis will rush for 15+ TDs this season.

3. Anthony Gonzalez (IND) will lead the league in receiving yards.

4. The Arizona Cardinals will not only win their division, but have the #1 defense in the league.

5. The Dallas Cowboys will not win more than 7 games.
Marko Mitchell will finish with more catches than Devin Thomas.

Stephon Heyer will be the bright spot on the OL in 2009.

Carlos Rogers not Deangelo Hall will lead the CBs in interceptions.

Jeremy Jarmon will be part of the rotation at DE despite the coaches protestations that #76 is being projected to a role in 2010.

The Redskins will finish 4-2 vs.NFC East, including splits with NY and Philly as well as a sweep of Dallas.
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Bold Predictions huh? Hmmmm....

1. The Skins lead the league in sacks this year.

2. Kelly leads the team in receptions and receptions for Touchdowns.

3. The Skins sweep the NFC South.

4. Campbell throws for over 4000 yards but yet again has the fewest INTs in the league.

5. Mason has more touches from scrimmage than Sellers does.
Cowboys will be lucky to win 8. Although that is probably not that bold.

Jeff Garcia will be in a Redskins' uniform before the end of the season.

The Redskins' offensive line with give up the fewest sacks in the NFC East.

Albert Haynesworth evokes memories of Dana Stubblefield with his mediocre play.
If the Redskins beat the Giants both times this season, they will go on to win the Superbowl (background)

The Colts will not make the playoffs this year.

I have a couple of other predictions but they don't seem very bold:

Despite being in a divsion with the lowly Raiders, Broncos and Chiefs, the San Diego Chargers will only go 9-7 and sneak into the playoffs (Norvitis anyone?).

Dick Jauron will be fired at the end of the year.
Read my blog.

It's all there :)

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