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Boat I'm building


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Joe Gibbs Club Member
Jul 15, 2009
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Burleson, TX
Here's a couple pics of the boat I'm building. Weather finally nice enough to roll her outside for some full size pictures. Getting close to done. Should be ready for summer. 19 foot long. Will be powered with a 90 HP Yamaha 4 stroke outboard. 25 Gal. Baitwell under the leaning post.


That's awesome! I greatly appreciate a good craftsman!
Thats pretty impressive, your real name isnt Jethro Gibbs is it?
So, exactly how does one learn to build a boat???

Pretty cool, that's going to be a beautiful vessel...what is that, about a 25 footer?
Thanks guys. It's 19 feet Boone. I worked at a car dealer ~10 years ago as a service consultant. We got internet access, so I spent many an hour on the internet. Came across this website, www.bateau2.com. Built a canoe, then a 12' power boat that I currently use and now this build. It's quite addicting. I build furniture as a hobby as well, but love boats and fishing. It is a very cool feeling to launch your own boat. Eventually I'll build a larger one with accomodations for overnighting. After the kids are moved out. :)
Nice looking boat. I have several friends that are nth generation boat builders. Anything from a skiff to 60' work boats.
how long will something like this take? My buddy is building a car and the fibre glass work is taking him forever and its not like it has to be watertight like a boat.

FibERglass shouldn't take that long. Its a pain in the ass, but not that hard.
I started it in Sept. 09. Not working full time obviously. Fun hobby.
so did you use molds? I am interested in the actual process from the very beginning. I made a canoe with my grampa when i was a kid but I was 5 lol.

This is a technique called stitch and glue. It's a marine plywood core covered inside and out with fiberglass/Epoxy resin. It's stronger and lighter than a typical mold build production fiberglass boat. The hull panels are stitched together with zip ties over an inverted frame. Then it is glued togetther with an epoxy putty and then fiberglassed. It is an addicting hobby.

Heres a link to a gallery that shows the build from the beginning.


Here's a link to my build thread


Here are a few pictures showing the progress







Awesome pics - looks like quite the project! Gotta be fantastic to go out in a boat you made with your own two hands.


not an attack: in what pursuit have you worked with fibreglass?

Mostly for a couple school projects, but I've helped buddies with repairs to their boats also.
Looks great!!

Umm..did you use to be Andy Dufresne?


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