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Blognostications: Week 8 - @ Detroit Lions


Blognosticator - Yusuf06

*Detroit Lions, Halloween Trick…Or Treat?*
In years past, the Lions were...

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I'd take a three point win. This game scares me more than the Chicago game.
Yusuf with a strong entry, well done brother.

I had no doubt we would beat the Rams, but I am very worried about this game. Maybe that means we'll win easily? Who knows...I do know we've got to keep McNabb upright in this one.
Great analysis Yusuf. :claps: I agree with pretty much everything you said and nice use of tricks and treats. I just hope this game doesn't become this year's Treehouse of Horror. It has me worried.
Thanks for the kind comments. I'd have preferred to have had more time to edit and make it more concise. But then I am known for letting perfect be the enemy of good enough so who knows. Anywho, I do appreciate it.

As for the game y'all aren't the only ones that are feeling a bit nervous. The Lions remind me a bit of the Texans, and we know how that turned out. :paranoid: Even so, I think the various matchups mostly run in our favor assuming we're smart enough to stick with the run.
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Ndkalphabetsoup Suh


Nicely done sir. QB pressure is the key. If Fat Al can knock an O-lineman into Stafford for a sack a couple of times, we're in good shape.
Good write up, Yusuf, I agree with your assessments on both sides. I was more worried about this game than I was about Chicago-along the lines of "Well, hell, we should beat these guys with no problem", which creates an instant problem.

Usually, though a team will often have a let down after a big win when facing a technically "weaker" opponent but since the Redskins have apparently decided to win by three point margins this season I think that will lessen the tendency toward a let down.
Nice job Y! You were working that All Hallow's angle for all it was worth :)

I don't think it has anything to do with 'letting down after a big win' - we just play down or up to the competition - period. It's been that way for years. You could count the convincing wins we should beat convincingly on one hand. It's just not our m.o. to take care of business in any kind of authoritative way.

I have a feeling we may handle Detroit this weekend though. I don't know why - maybe simply a matter of balance. We can't possibly continue to have the erratic gameplay we've seen the last several weeks. One of these days, if only a matter of statistical probability, we have to play a consistently good game.

This would be an ideal weekend to do it.

And yeah McNabb - I'm talking to you. You need to start stepping up.
Excellent job, brother. Y'know, when you post on things other than politics, I can read your stuff without wanting to break something!

Fun read, and informative too. Four stars. :cheers:
Good job Yusuf.

One thing's for certain, we don't scare them. Their fans will be pumped, as they remember too, that their first win, in what must have seemed like forever, came against us last year. Stafford will never forget who he got his first win against either.

As strange as it may sound, their overconfidence might just cost them the game.

We haven't had one yet, but if we're gonna ever have a team put away by halftime, this would be a good time to do it. If they're still close, or leading in the 4th quarter, every cardiologist near Redskin Nation will need to be on standby.
Yusuf, great work, enjoyable read with excellent flow. Bravo, bravo!!

The Lion's game this year worries me much less than last year. I predicted we'd give the Lion's there first win since Neil Patrick Harris was thought to be straight and it happened. If big Al comes to play, it won't matter what CJ does, Stafford will be nursing his shoulder by the 3rd quarter and we'll have more fresh meat behind center than newbie day at San Quentin. However, we must effectively run the ball to negate the straight rush from the DT's and keep them from bull rushing non stop. We establish the run early and the defense brings the pain like an alimony payment and we're all good to go. 28-17 Skins is my prediction, so let it be written, so let it be done.
nice post Y!!!!....:claps:

whatever happens on the field...happens. in my mind this is about which team wants it more.

Nice write up Y.

The phrase I like to focus on is "We’re not that good yet and they’re not that bad a team." that's a very true statement. My hope is that at some point this season everything will work for us in the same game. Maybe this is the point where we turn the corner. It will happen at some point this season, why not now?

Skins - 31
Lions - 17
Great read, Yusuf!!! Entertaining and informative all at the same time. May come across weird, but it was an easy read, if you get my drift.
One thing that has been a trend for us this year is that we've had the opportunity to smack teams in the mouth early in most games, but haven't made them pay for it. There have been a number of our games where we forced a 3 and out, recovered a fumble, or got some other early break where we could have put our boot on the opponent's throat early - but we screwed it up and failed to take advantage.

I would love to see them capitalize on early Lion's mistakes on Sunday and get the crowd out of the game early.
Okay I haven't seen this anywhere, but it just went across the NFL network's streaming news that both McNabb and Hall are questionable? Hall with back and McNabb with hamstring. Anyone heard anything else about this?
Great job on the weekly blog Yusuf. Let's hope the goblins and ghosts haunt the Lions and give the Redskins lots of treats.

About the injuries - hope none are too serious.
I just thought I'd throw in a couple of statistical bits that may work to our advantage today.

Penalties-the Lions have gotten 59 offensive penalties for a total of 429 yards-in 6 games.

That means they're averaging almost 10 offensive penalties and losing over 70 yards per game due to them.

The Redskins, on the other hand have received 44 offensive penalties for 324yards in 7 games for a per game average of a hair more than 6 offensive penalties and 46 yards.

On defense it's virtually a wash with both teams averaging 7 penalties on defense and slightly over 60 yards per game.

Fumbles and turnovers-the Lions have committed 13 fumbles and lost 6 of them while the Redskins have committed 11 and lost only 2.

Turnover ratio-Detroit +1, Washington +8

Little things, I know, but when you're in the habit of making games close-fought affairs to the very end little things can be the difference makers.

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