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Blognostications: Week 16 - @ Jacksonville Jaguars


Blognosticator - Elephant

Growing up in the 70’s and 80’s I was accustomed to the final game or 2 of...

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Great story El, loved it.

I'm sure Steve X cried like a baby after the sorry ass Balmer fans failed to support their team, driving the owner to move them to another city.

As for the game, I think we win too. Don't know if my heart can handle us scoring 30 or more points in back to back games, but I'm game to find out.
Loved the story, El.

This is definitely a winnable game but it all boils down to our defense. If Rex plays like he did last week, we WILL score points. The questions is....can our defense shut down Jacksonville's running game?

Turnovers will again be the main factor. We'll have to win that battle for a change. Also, we'll need to score TD's in the Red Zone like we did against Dallas. We'll also have to force the Jags into kicking FG's. I think this will be a nailbiter with us winning 24-23.
Nice write up El. I too need the reminder from time to time why I love this team. Especially this year.

The Jags haven't impressed me that much, I think we can win, but a lot depends on Sexy Rexy.
stories like that are the reason I read blogs written by fans rather than the so called epxerts, I know enough about x's and O's, I dont need someoen to explain that stuff to me, but sometimes its enough just to see that I am not the only one who lives and dies with this team or that im not the only one who takes this game seriously.

truth be told thats one reason I love this forum, even the guys I may disagree with are not fair weather douchebags, they are fans who have been here through thick and thin (some only old enough for the thin lol) and its awesome to be able to argue with someone passionately and then agree on the main thing, and thats that we want this team to WIN.
Nice story. And that bit about 19 in a row...false.

The Colts beat the Redskins in 1977. They didn't play each other every year. The previous time the two teams met was in 1973 and the Redskins won.
Good job, El! Great story-that would have been blogworthy even if it hadn't been on Blognostications.

I decided to do some digging around on Jags fan forums to see if I could find some insights and I did.

The Jags' secondary, as has been noted, isn't the NFL's best and SS Courtney Greene's shoulder injury has Jags fans concerned. They have very little confidence in backup Sean Considine's coverage abilities. The latest news I found on Greene was that he is seeing limited participation in practice so this might be a game-day decision, I don't know. They apparently aren't too impressed with FS Don Carey either-most of their posts in the 2011 "we need" draft threads have FS near or at the top of the list. This could bode well for Grossman and our WRs.

Another concern is OLB Justin Durant who has a groin injury and has not participated in practice. His backup, Slade Norris has played in 7 games in two season with a total of 3 tackles. Probably not good news for them.

Maurice Jones-Drew's knee injury is an obvious concern-he hasn't participated in practice either. If he can't start this could be big.

Another is starting WR Mike Sims-Walker who also did not participate in practice with an ankle injury.

As far as the able to play players, one weak spot being mentioned multiple times is RT Jordan Black-not much confidence being shown in him as far as pass protection goes. Some controversy erupted over LT Eugene Monroe's performance against Dwight Freeney in the Colt's game, but Freeny only sacked Garrard once-mostly because Garrard is good at spotting pressure and stepping up in the pocket.

In general in their posts about the upcoming game with the Skins they were surprised by the point spread, until one poster reminded them that point spreads are juggled to even out the betting and the Jags had gotten a lot of heavy action at first so the spread was increased to get some money flowing in the Redskins direction. Some posters do, however, view this as a potential "trap" game.

There are some problems and weaknesses with the Jags that the Redskins could take advantage of. This game is, I believe, winnable.

If we take advantage of opportunities, of course.
Thanks guys. I am simply an average football mind, most of what I know, I learned here. But, if there is one thing I do know, it is my stories and I have some doozies! And I love to share them.

China, that streak had supposedly stretched back into the late 40's or early 50's. I will do some checking. But as a boy who had little access to that sort of info, I took the painting Family X had on their wall of the Colt kicking a Redskins' caricature through the H-shaped uprights with a caption underneath that stated, "Tic Tac Toe 19 in a row." I definitely have to check into it.

As for the game, Jacksonville has a good run game, but the 2nd leading rusher on the team is David Garrard. That doesn't bode well for them if MJD is not 100%. If we can stop the run early, maybe get a quick lead, we could give them fits.

Edit: Ah the joys of the internet. I just went back through the history of the Colts and Redskins from their first meeting in 1950 when we beat them twice. In the next 24 years, the Colts beat us the majority of the time with a stretch from 56-69 when they beat us every time but one in 1959. So that poster/painting and all that taunting from my childhood was a lie!
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fantastic brother El! you captured the essence of a fan.

very well written...
MJD is questionable for tomorrow's game. This should give us the upper hand in this game. They have been relying on him heavily all season long.
Part of me hopes your prediction is right. Part of me wants a better draft selection.

Great job El. You write extremely well. Thanks for putting forth the effort during a holiday week - it is really appreciated.

On to the game. Go Donov...uh, Go Rex!

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