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Blognostications: 2013 - Week 13 vs New York Giants


Blognosticator - Rymanofthenorth I spent some time this morning pondering about what to write about this matchup. I thought about titling it...

Gotta love it Brother Ry, you are persistent if nothing else. Actually, it's a good wrrite up with issues we've agreed on for years. The Giants won 4 straight and were riding a bit of a high, but got smacked back down to earth last week. I see us winning this game...I mean we have to right, if for no other reason that to say, "**** Mara!"
'Gaping canyons of crapulence'?

I like it :)
Good write up, Ryan. I hate to say it, but yeah. We're terrible.

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I think what angers me the most, isnt that we suck, its that WE DIDNT HAVE TO SUCK THIS BAD. and worse yet we arent even gonna benefit from sucking this bad, because the rams get our first pick ffs.

Shannahan inherited an aging roster with serious talent deficiencies on the O side of the ball, even if we skid his ass after this season, what do we have? we have a couple young talented players on both sides of the ball now, but really whoever inherits this team isnt inheriting a team that with a few tweaks is playoff bound.

we need a rebuild on the Oline, and this needs to be the priority because we have a franchise QB who isnt gonna be one for long if we dont start protecting him, so yes while the secondary and linebacking corps needs a serious infusion of talent, imho that has to come second to upgrading this oline. so that will be year one for whoever is the new regime. honestly if we bring in a new regime, I am more likely to be patient because I will know its not just status quo, but someone trying everything they can to win games. no more "what we do works" and forcing players into spots they dont fit.
I think what angers me the most, isnt that we suck, its that WE DIDNT HAVE TO SUCK THIS BAD. and worse yet we arent even gonna benefit from sucking this bad, because the rams get our first pick ffs.
The worst thing to me is the entire fanbase was willing to wait for a rebuild of the team when Shanahan was hired. Even those of us who knew he was overrated, and openly complained that Haslett was a POS DC. That is why when alot of people were singing praise for somehow wrestling away McNabb for a 2nd I was scratching my head. That isn't a rebuild move, neither is keeping Stubblef... i mean Haynesworth (when they knew he was garbage) and paying his bonus which cost us that cap penalty in the first place. They traded that 20+Mil bonus and a 36Mil cap penalty for the 5th or 6th that we got for him from NE.

Great Job Bro.

Shanahan came in EXPECTING to win from Day 1 and he deserves to be fired because this dude tells us one thing, then does another. "I'm only interested in building a Championship team" While his real goal was to be just good enough to maybe make the playoffs every year, and if he has expected better from this then who has been delusional 4 out of these 4 "WIN NOW" years? He's actually thought we were a playoff team these 4 years without rebuilding in any of them.

I guarantee you that 1/2 of the fans on here could have built a much better team since 2010 by blowing things up and building a team and allowing Shanahan to draft/sign his skill position guys. The thing is, Shanahan is still using 15 year old Elway/Sharpe/Davis leverage but since 1998 the dude has been no better than Jim Fassel, a coach we laughed at Danny for wanting to hire, or even guys like Mariucci, who sucks, Norv, who has been average to suck everywhere including here, or even a handicapped by Jones Jason Garrett or Wade Phillips.

Still even with all this incompetence I say give the dude his 5th year, if he wants it, because there is always a decent chance of a turnaround like last year. The NFL now really is any given year and we were close with a flawed team in 2012. My major gripe is that this could have been done so much better from the beginning and even now they make idiot moves like Fred Davis who they obviously despise, being recently paid while we couldn't sign anybody in FA. Who is it next year? Maybe Merriweather can be the multimillion dude in the corner example in 2014. Why not a coach or 2? I choose that POS Special Teams guy for one.

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