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Blognostications: 2012 - Week 3 v Cincinnati Bengals

Nice write up LSF. If we keep our point totals near 30 all season we’re going to win a lot of games (I hope).
Yeah...the formula really isn't too tough to figure out. Keep our point total up, theirs down, and keep our turnovers and penalties down.

So far, we're probably 2 out of 4, I'd say.....for the most part.
Very well done! I had a bad feeling about the Rams game all week; that's the type of game the Redskins typically lose. Conversely, I've had a nagging "good" feeling about the Bengals game. I think Cincy will score much more than 17 points - I see another 31-28 or 35-31 game on the horizon - but I also think the Redskins have a good shot at prevailing.

After all, RG3 can't lose his home debut, can he? :)

As the purveyor of the word asshat to Josh Morgan, I would just like to defend my stance in that the penalty was a very asshattish move. I didn't mean that he's a terrible person, I meant that the penalty was 100% asshattery (trying to work in as many forms of asshat as possible :D).
Nice job LSF. Personally, I love the word "asshat". It was introduced to me by a coworker talking about our boss five years ago, and I have loved using it since then.

I think we win this one (but then again, I think we win them all), and not as close as we might all think now, though they might score late to make it look closer than it was. I have a feeling our D was humiliated last week and will want to come out and make a point that the season isn't lost because of Rak and Carriker.
Great read Skinsfan and for years it's been our defense carrying our offense, the way it's looking we're going to need the offense to score 35 a game to have a chance. Also agree on the coaching and schemes, we are getting shredded on 3rd downs and it can't be that the players on 1st and 2nd play hard and then drop a doodie in their pants on 3rd. I think the score will be 35-24. Rg3 with 3 td's in some shape or form, morris with 2 on the ground.
I don't know what the exact defintion of that colorful metaphor could be, but it probably applies to a number of people in the last week - the Rams, Goodell, Jeff Fisher, Haslett, Danny Smith, and so on. :)

Great write-up and explanation. I like the prediction and agree with it 100%.

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