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biggest surprise of preseason?


Time for the annual this is what I think only to learn it was a total mirage during the regular season.

for me it has been the defense. I thought they were going to get beaten like a drum what with all the injuries and the rooks in the 2ndary. well, it may be vanilla preseason, but the teams they have played have faired well in other games. this has been accomplished without much exercising of Hazlett's blitzing schemes. the pass pressure has been better.

we'll see. but right now it seems like familiarity with the scheme is producing multipliers. the pass defense hasn't been awesome - no ints for example - but it hasn't been burned with the regularity we have seen the past several seasons either.

a close second is team depth. that first season was a total waste. but shanahallen have really built a nice roster. can't wait til next season and a full cap. got to get it all wired for a 3-4 yr run once robert's salarly zooms into the stratosphere.
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I'll go with Pat White. After being out of the league ands essentially done he looked VERY good. If nothing else he's warranted making SOMEONE's roster, if not ours (I'd prefer keeping him over Grossman for what he gives the D in practice).
I like your points about the defense. I think you're right about 'familiarity' being a force multiplier.

On the offensive side of the ball, the biggest surprises for me have been the return of Roy Helu Jr. who looks like he's right back in 2011 form, and the performance of the WR corps, which has looked solid and deep to me. I think our youngsters, particularly Hankerson and Robinson, are going to have breakout years, right on time given the usual development curve for NFL WR's.
The best surprise for me is that there are really no big surprises. (Other than the offensive successes without our first or second qb on the field.)
Darryl Tapp. Good find to bolster our depth with a quality pass rusher/run defender.
The biggest surprise to me was the quality of the depth in spite of the salary cap penalty.
The team chemistry - not too big of a surprise, but the team was 3-6 at the bye last season and a lot of soul searching was taking place in that mini vacation. Since that time, the team embarked on the winning streak and has forged close ties amongst one another.

Here is a timely thought from a few minutes ago...

Rich Tandler ‏@Rich_TandlerCSN 2m
A lot of players will be cut in next 48 hours. My answer to "should the #Redskins pick him up" will be "no". Team developing its own talent.
Not really. In past years the Redskins didn't have a Chris Baker to move over and sub for Carriker/Jenkins. The team didn't have a Chase Minnifield to stand in for Richard Crawford. When made at the time the front office moves for Baker and Minnifield were footnotes in the offseason a year or two ago, now these players may end up being solid contributors.

That's what good organizations do. Find athletes and competitors and develop them where they were overlooked or discarded by other teams.
If we go with RG3, Cousins, and White, that would have to be an NFL record, for least amount of NFL experience ever, in a team's 3 QB's.

Which is exactly why I think Mike goes with Rex, despite what the fans want, me included.
Which is exactly why I think Mike goes with Rex, despite what the fans want, me included.

If all three of our young QB's had not had experience running an NFL offense in game time, I might be inclined to agree. All three of these guys have had some, albeit it limited, success on the field. We take a ham sammich for Rex if the Jets come running!
Which is exactly why I think Mike goes with Rex, despite what the fans want, me included.

I think you're right but hope you're wrong. Rex is a walking train wreck - just apply pressure and he'll make some bonehead mistake at a crucial time.
Amerson is the biggest surprise to me. He looks like a starter already.
Hall and Wilson are challenged in terms of size and athletic ability. It seems reasonable that guys like Amerson, Biggers and perhaps even Chase Minnifield over the course of the season could challenge for starting time.
I'm with Kevin - Daryl Tapp has transitioned so smoothly to OLB, it looks like he's played his entire career there. Heck of a pick-up there. My other biggest surprise is Brandon Jenkins (also at OLB) - dude can rush the passer! I think we got ourselves another late-round draft steal in the Shanahan regime.
Question for the Group: Does the presence of Brandon Jenkins and Darryl Tapp force Rob Jackson off the final roster?
Question for the Group: Does the presence of Brandon Jenkins and Darryl Tapp force Rob Jackson off the final roster?

Given how he played last year, I say no; with the caveat of: not at this time. But his 4 game suspension gives those guys an opportunity to play while he doesn't.

I don't see how you take a playmaker off the field. You can write it off as luck, timing, or whatever; a guy that makes big plays when it matters needs to be on the field, and Jackson did that last year.

He might find himself in a bad spot week 5 when he comes back if those guys play well, especially with Orakpo back. They have 4 weeks to prove they can replace him.
I would agree as Jackson was one of my favorite surprises last year and definitely someone that helped this team to the postseason. One wonders how they will fit the numbers in at LB, given that some guys don't play special teams and others like Kehl are special teams 'specialists'.

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