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Apr 11, 2009
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As you guys know, we rolled out our own branded Mobile Instant Messaging and Mobile Chat App, BGO Messenger, about a month ago. The free app is available for both IOS Apple iPhones and iPads as well as Android phones via iTunes and Google Play stores.

We've gotten lots of compliments and positive feedback on the app in terms of being able to participate in Game Day Chats via mobile device and very little in the way of technical issues.

However, we recently identified an issue with BGO Messenger and 1 on 1 Instant Messaging where although a member might send an instant message, the recipient of the message never received a message notification. You may have noticed old messages from another member sitting in your personal chat window that you never realized you'd received. Obviously - that's not good and sort of defeats the purpose of the Instant Messaging feature.

The good news is - we've resolved that issue. In order to upload the most recent *fixed* version of BGO Messenger, you just need to completely exit the app. For example, if you're using the iPhone version, double push your start button to bring up all your open apps, and swipe out of BGO Messenger. You may also be able to just turn off your phone and do a reboot. The latest version of BGO Messenger will load and now the 'notifications' features will work.

There are two places you can control your notification preferences. You can turn on notifications from within BGO Messenger in the settings section. For detailed control of notifications (do you want an audio alert? how do you want the text alert to appear on your phone screen? etc...), go to your iPhone or Android app settings, find BGO Messenger, and you'll have access to all notification settings.

We have identified one additional 'glitch' - the text dictation function does not appear to be working on version 5 iPhones currently. We suggest you ask for an iPhone 6 for Christmas :)

If you have other suggestions for improvement, technical issues, or other feedback, please let us hear about those. And we hope you are enjoying the app. I use it frequently on Game Day and Brother Om and I will be participating some in chat and sending some photos this Sunday from Charlotte. Please help us pass the word on to your fellow members about BGO Messenger. A lot of time, energy, and some $$ went into making that long requested functionality available - so obviously we'd like to see as many folks as possible using it. :cheers:

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