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BGO.C.D.: Quisp vs. Quake


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It was 1965. 3 years old and I was already faced with my first life dilemma. Quisp or Quake? Both irresistibly sugary breakfast cereals, equal...

Don't I know it brother. You're just jealous because all you got to have was the Raisin Bran.
****. All I got was Cheerios. Ever. Nothing that might possibly have sugar in it at all. Ever. But when my brother (6 years younger than me) comes along? Oh hell yeah, give him Frosted Flakes! Fruit Loops!

Oh, ahem. Where was I? Apparently still bitter...
Well, truth be told, I took a little literary license...because my mom rarely let us get those kinds of cereals. I remember something called 'Kix'...basically 'Trix' cereal minus the funny rabbit and sugar. Awful. We occasionally had to eat shredded wheat. Not the frosted kind (I don't think they'd invented that yet), but the giant plain ones.

But I did dream of the 'good cereals' - Quisp, Quake, Captain Crunch, Honeycomb, Fruit Loops, Corn Pops, Sugar Smacks...I could go on and on :)
Clayton has our two guys ranked behind EVERY veteran QB in the league, ahead of the two rookies who are expected to start, Dalton and Newton:

25. Colt McCoy, Cleveland Browns

Analysis: At 6-foot-1, McCoy may not stand tall in the pocket, but he shows promise running a West Coast offense. He's a 60.8 percent thrower and seems to improve each time he's on the field. There might be some hope in Cleveland.

Arrow is pointing: up

26. Chad Henne, Miami Dolphins

Analysis: Henne's only hope is big seasons from Brandon Marshall and Reggie Bush.

Arrow is pointing: down

27. Ryan Fitzpatrick, Buffalo Bills

Analysis: Just when Fitzpatrick was building a nice passing offense with Lee Evans and Steve Johnson, the Bills trade Evans to Baltimore and now lack the outside threat to take coverage away from Johnson. Bills fans can start following the Stanford schedule of Andrew Luck, who might be the Bills' next quarterback.

Arrow is pointing: down

28. Alex Smith, San Francisco 49ers

Analysis: 49ers fans are getting the seven-year itch for a new quarterback. It's been seven years, seven offensive coordinators, 19 victories and no playoffs during the Smith years in San Francisco.

Arrow is pointing: flat

29. Kerry Collins, Indianapolis Colts

Analysis: Am I missing something? Wasn't Collins offered the chance to be the Titans' quarterback and take the Matt Hasselbeck job of grooming Jake Locker? Now, he's in Indianapolis filling in for Peyton Manning. All of the sudden the AFC South has become the care-takers division for quarterbacks.

Arrow is pointing: flat

30. Tarvaris Jackson, Seattle Seahawks

Analysis: Jackson was beaten out by Gus Frerotte and Brett Favre during his five seasons with the Vikings. Unless Dave Krieg comes out of retirement, he should beat out Charlie Whitehurst for the starting job.

Arrow is pointing: flat

31. John Beck-Rex Grossman, Washington Redskins

Analysis: In a quarterback-driven league, Mike Shanahan and his son, Kyle, believe scheme and coaching are everything. If this daily double gets the Redskins to the playoffs, Shanahan will be coach of the year. If not, the Redskins could be looking at Andrew Luck.

Arrow is pointing: down

32. Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers

Analysis: Newton's mechanics functioning in an NFL offense have exceeded expectations. The Panthers will live and die by Newton, who came out of nowhere to become a legend at Auburn.

Arrow is pointing: up

33. Andy Dalton, Cincinnati Bengals

Analysis: Carson Palmer gave his heart, soul and body to make the Bengals a winning franchise. After two playoff losses and years of enduring frustration, Palmer gave up. Now it's Dalton's turn to try to do the same with a smaller body and not as strong an arm.

Arrow is pointing: down


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