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BGO.C.D.: Happy Birthday BGO!


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It may have escaped your notice. But this little baby, our burgundy and gold swathed pride and joy, was birthed one year ago today. I love my...


Big thanks to all the great posters and admins. :eclipsee_Victoria:
I jumped on this bandwagon early, having gotten to know the esteemed owners on another truly excellent site of theirs. Damn, has it really been a year?!? Wow. I know several members here from that other non-football site and have gotten to know a lot more seriously cool people here. I haven't had the pleasure of face-to-face meetings...yet...who knows what the future may hold?

I'm going to echo what Mike said; What an absolutely great bunch of folks gather here! The owners-a fine group of scintillating intellects and downright gritty buggars when need be-are to be congratulated on producing an outstanding product-and the clientele? Well, I couldn't have asked for better. As I've mentioned many times, I go to NFL forums of other teams-at last count over 70 different forums!-and this one is simply the best, in tone, knowledge, quality and mutual respect-I congratulate everyone on helping to make this one of the best places online to be.

And to the owners, mods, contributors...etc? Guys, you've done an amazing job here. I'm proud to be a member.

Congratulations, indeed! HTTR!!:claps::clap2::2thumbsup::eclipsee_Victoria:
I don't think I've ever seen a mission statement written so directly and succinctly, nor applied so perfectly. You have built something truly unique and special in cyber-Skinsland. There are other sites. There are other good sites. But there are none like this one. You should be immensely proud of the foundation you laid, and the big burgundy and gold house that's been built on it.

It's funny. Elsewhere, I'll start threads for no reason. But here, I mostly read, and occasionally comment in someone else's thread. I have a respect for BGO that borders on reverence, but at the same time, it's comfortable and cozy, like that bar where "everybody knows your name."

I should've known that when two of my favorite people that I met in another interwebz zip code, struck out to build a place of their own that this would be the result. Amazing fan content. Amazing friendships. Phenomenal discussions. And a permanent entry on my "must check" sites, everytime my computer is switched on.

I'm going to steal my BFAM's (brother from another mother's) line, because I can't say it any better. "This site, like my love for all things burgundy and gold, is perfect."

Great job guys, and thanks very much for saving my seat at the bar. I'm grateful.
It is a pleasure to come home after a hard day at work, fun out on the water, a tromp through the snow or whatever activity it is I have been doing to sit down and catch up with you guys. I find myself checking in everyday to see how my fellows are doing, see what Redskins' news there is and say hello to friends!

Congratulations BGO!

Hail to the Redskins!
Congrats all! HH and Mike said it so well, anything I add would be unnecessary redundancy, so suffice to say... Couldn't agree more!
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I will second everything said before me. Great site. Thanks to the owners and mods.
I wanna say thanks for a great site!!! I've been through a truckload stuff this past year and have been away from the site for about the last 8 months. I checked my bank statements this morning and saw my membership renewed for the year. It felt good to know that I was contributing to site that is run first-class. From the great owners and mods to the awesome members keep doing great things here. As I tie up my loose ends I know I will be making more appearances back on BGO! Congrats and Happy Bday!!!
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Thanks one and all ...

Truth is it's us who feel we owe you a debt of gratitude. You can whip up a website that has all the bells and whistles in the world, but without its community, it's just a shell. You folks give it soul.

Thanks for your patience through the buggy beginning and sticking with us during the uneven development phase. No one knows where we're "headed" as a site long term, but one thing we can assure you--we're going to be around a long time. Obsessions don't go away, just evolve.

Hail and here's to us all.
Got an email reminding me that my membership was going to expire soon, and asking me if I wanted to renew. Out loud at my computer I said "duh!"
Congratulations and thank you to the founders. Your hard work is really paying off. This is a very impressive site.
Did you make a wish before blowing out that candle?

Congrats guys, good job and keep it going.
I hoped my first post would be for a good reason. It is. Congratulations!
¿Un año ya? Feliz cumpleaños!


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Thanks guys...also, special props to Neophyte and Pravda who have been with us from the beginning and been a big part of this place. You couldn't ask for two better staff members. LOD - glad you're back brother, and Jim - it took you long enough :)

you guys have a great site going. Looking forward to all that you have to offer....BTW, will anyone from the staff follow training camp this year?
Where's the cake? :)

Here is to many more years of fun and family. :clap2:
Word BB.

Word up :cheers:

Blondie was supposed to bring the cake. Blondes...what are ya gonna do?

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