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BGO Blind Pig: Washington Free Agent Targets?


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The guys look at 4 crucial position groups (TE/OL/LB/Edge) and review our FA favorites to bolster the 2024 Washington roster. Youth, drive, affordability, and slobberknockin' capability are premium prerequisites. Leave no stone unturned Peters & Company!

We don't have QB, LT, #1 WR, pass rush DE, cover corner.

I see free agency as the opportunity to grab some younger vets at other positions where we can afford them over the next 2-3 years.

So, in that regard I am in agreement that looking for 25-26 year old tight ends, centers and other OL, as well as linebackers is a smart idea but it has to be at the right cost.

I see the Ertz signing at 1 year and $5M including incentives as a good move with little downside risk at 33.

But I am not in favor of signing a group of 30 year old players to simply fill holes, especially on the OL.

I am not a fan of George Fant at 31. I have seen him play in Seattle and NY and he's a bit above replacement level, akin to Andrew Wylie.

He's a guy that can look OK for a number of games but he's best suited as a top backup off the bench.

Mekhi Becton is a head case. While he has talent, he's perhaps the most up and down player you will ever see. That uneven streak only became worse when he was benched for a couple of games. Instead of coming out of it with renewed effort he sulked the rest of the season.

I love the idea of signing a guy like Patrick Queen - TWO years from now when this team has a quarterback and is rising towards playoff contender status.

Right now, Queen doesn't make that much sense for Washington but it also doesn't make much sense for Queen.

At his age he wants to win a ring. He's probably not going to achieve that in Washington unless he plays a long time and Washington hits on all cylinders in the next 2-3 drafts.

The key to Quinn's linebacker corps in Seattle was hitting on DRAFT PICKS. That's where the real value came.

So, if Peters is at the level of Schneider as a GM then we can and should look to the draft for the LB position.
So far, Canadian Hog looks psychic. The rest of us...less so.

Cowboys had a number of 26-27 year old free agents looking for second contracts this year and the team is unable to bring them back due to the Dak, Lamb contracts.
There were some massive amounts of money thrown at OL today. I am a big fan of claiming a guy like Biadasz at a more reasonable rate who has a track record of overall solid production and can arguably still grow some as a player in his mid-twenties. This isn't a washed up Andrew Norwell signing.

Throwing literally 100M at Robert Hunt or 50+ M at Jonah Jackson on the interior is just not good business to me when you are staring at a very highly regarded OL draft class and are at the infancy stages of a rebuild.

For these same reasons, I don't think that Onwenu will be in play, although many fans want him. He might be priced out of our budget. I say look for more OL for sure in FA, but spend wisely knowing the treasure trove that awaits in April.

LT - Joe Alt
LG - Damien Lewis
C - Tyler Biadasz
RG - Sam Cosmi
RT - ? / Wylie

How would you all feel about this?

(Yes, I want to trade down) :)
We're not getting close to Joe Alt unless they trade down, which I don't see in the cards.
I would love to somehow get both tackles in the draft. To have a set of young OTs like back when we had Samuels and Jansen would be a great way to set your Oline up for the next decade.
So far, Canadian Hog looks psychic. The rest of us...less so.

lol yeah, i mentioned Armstrong as an 'honorable mention' because the ties to Dallas, but didn't really put any stock in it.
No opinion on the edge guy, but man, a legit center and a gamer LB - I love it.
No Nostradamus here...

Would be nice to get at least one more solid plus o lineman before the draft.
I’d settle for semi-solid considering the current state of LT, LG, and RT. 😉
Even with a tackle taken at #36 and/or #40 I think the team still needs to sign a veteran tackle. Given the prices now, I would imagine that will come in the second round of free agency after the draft, heading into the offseason program.

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