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BGO Blind Pig: Washington Commanders WR Prospects


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In tonight's episode, the guys review potential wide receiver prospects in the 2024 NFL Draft.

They all have different strengths and questions.

So does a Legette who has some Terry similarities. Older and one year break out season. Also some of his routes look a bit like Terry.

Personally I’m leaning Ladd 1. Legette 2.
Adonai Mitchell probably is out of our range.
Well done, gentlemen. Not easy to make a 'scouting report' without video highlights pod fun and interesting, and you did. 👍

And thanks Chris for stepping up in my stead ... big time. No easy task, that.
Can someone please put me out of my misery and tell Adam Peters to get rid of Dyami Brown? :rolleyes:

In 2023 we went into games officially with 5 wide receivers active, but in reality there were only 4 that were mentally active.
It will be interesting to see if Tez Walker drops in the draft due to Dyami comps. I think he is better but he runs all the go routes just like Dyami. Maybe he gets featured today at the NC pro day.
The trouble with Dyami is he has no strength and can't get off the line of scrimmage if he is pressed.

Same issue Desmond Howard had coming out of Michigan.
Tyrone Broden is a day 3 watch. 6’7”. I’m sure some of you remember Harold Carmichael.
6'7 and 195? :cool:

Harold Carmichael was 6'8 and 225 and played in an era where the average corner was 5'10 or 5'11 and 180-185.

This guy has to gain 25 pounds to hold up in the NFL IMO.

I was hoping when he was listed at 6'7 here that he was perhaps 215 or 220 and we could have him bulk up a bit and play as a pass catching tight end.
Different era than when Harold was playing.
Tyrone has to improve his routes and separation skills first before he gains any weight.

The issues he’s working on are getting release off the line. He’s impressive when the ball is in the air.
His stride is very fluid.

Maybe this is all moot. I’m not even sure he’s coming out. I saw him in a mock but nothing online says he’s in the draft.
I haven't seen him play other than in a highlight after reading the post here. To me he seems like Cole Turner, a guy with some intriguing size that is very raw and may/may not be able to project to the next level. Of course Turner was taken on Day 3 which seemed appropriate.

Unfortunately, we never seemed to make hay with those late picks like Turner. It was challenging enough to get out of Round 1 :rotflmao:

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