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BGO Blind Pig: OT/IOL Draft Prospects


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In a 2024 NFL Draft chock full of OL talent, the guys take a look at some of our favorite Offensive Tackle and Interior O-Line prospects. Warning: Bad Puns Ahead!

Video of my 4 guys. You might want to turn the audio off. :)

OT - Olu Fashanu, Penn St

OT - Blake Fisher, ND

G - Cooper Beebe, Kansas St

G - Zak Zinter, Michigan
I’m watching this at least once. I love it.




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For those here that watch the pod on Youtube…PLEASE hit that like 👍 button. It helps to spread the word.
The Athletic today posted their 1st round NFL beat writers mock draft 2.0 (what do they know? 🤣)

Here were their OT selections:

#7- Joe Alt- Titans
#11- Olu Fashanu- Patriots
#14- JC Latham- Saints
#16- Troy Fautanu- Seahawks
#18- Taliese Fuaga- Bengals
#20- Amarius Mims- Steelers
#24- Tyler Guyton- Cowboys
#30- Jordan Morgan- Ravens
#31- Graham Barton- 49ers
#32- Kingsley Suamataia- Chiefs
Ten OTs taken in the first round? That has to be some kind of record for a single position group! :oops:
The depth at OL in this year's draft is going to put us in the fortunate position of drafting an instant starter at LT, and a starter in waiting at RT behind Wylie, who could easily slide into that role by September 2025. At least I hope this is the case by the end of day 2 of the draft.

What is guaranteed every April is that 3 or 4 of these guys that we all think are going to be gone in round 1 are still sitting there in the middle of round 2. With so many picks in the top 100, I think it would be foolish for Washington to press. You can sit pretty and pretty much know some solid linemen are going to fall in your lap who can start relatively soon.

On a related note, I think the Cornelius Lucas resigning was a super smart move. It buys you a bit of time if some of the rookies we bring in struggle a bit, or need a bit of time to marinate and learn.
If we are looking at a left tackle I’m not sure how many on this list apply. Many are projected inside or at Right Tackle. I would love it if we knew a Jordan Morgan or a Kingsley Suamataia would last to 36. But there is no way to know. If you told me we got two studs QB and LT, and only 1 more solid starter (Maybe a Wr or Te), the Entire Draft, I would sign on. Maybe ptsd for me from our previous drafts. But I expect a trade up to get that LT. Btw, I am not sure about Fatanu, Mims, Latham, or Guyton meet the start now at LT to protect our Rookie QB. It may mean they have 2 guys other than Alt that meet the trade up criteria for a Left Tackle.

If Adam finds a long term solution at left tackle without trading up, that would be incredible and I would be in Awe.
We only know about those top 6-8 guys, but there will probably be another 2 or 3 left tackles taken in the draft after Round 1 that will start in the NFL.

We brought in Peters to know who those guys are.

David Bakhtiari was drafted in Round 4.

Jordan Mailata was drafted in Round 7.
We covered 15 guys in our podcast last night, almost all of whom were projected in the first 2 rounds. There were just as many that we didn't cover that will be day 1 or day 2 guys. I think this is a draft where we should decisively go after OL early - because there are so, so many outstanding prospects. It's not a year where we need to pray we find a 5th-7th round diamond in the rough.
OT - Jordan Morgan - Arizona

OT / Multi-OL - Brandon Coleman - TCU

IOL - Drake Nugent - Stanford/Michigan

I agree. This is an OT draft. We should consider OT at both #36 and #40.

We still have picks in Round 3 to grab a wide receiver and a corner or tight end.
I agree. This is an OT draft. We should consider OT at both #36 and #40.

We still have picks in Round 3 to grab a wide receiver and a corner or tight end.
I wouldn’t be opposed to going
long snapper (because why not)

This is a joke. This is only a joke. I wouldn’t take a long snapper. I’d take another QB.
You just know that #7 round quarterback is going to turn out to be better than the #2 overall selection :LOL:

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