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Best Week Ever: The Double Down Proves Once Again That KFC Wants Us All Dead

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Lanky Livingston

Wow...just wow. I'll let the picture and link speak for themselves, but this is by far my favorite line:

"Finally, a way to reference Swingers and induce cardiac arrest in one convenient sandwich!"

Holy crap. They should give you a free left ventricle with that
Let's see, one can of the sardines I eat 3-5 times per week has 1.5 grams of Omega-3 fatty acids...so...I figure about a dozen or so cans the day before and the day after might counter some of the effect. Maybe. Or not.

I can see the next step-a triple version with twice the cheese, twice the bacon and EMTs standing by in the parking lot with the paddles already charged.
Meh! I have such a strong heart, I can spare some sludge in the blood vessels! :twitch:

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