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Behind Enemy Lines: Quietly


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Jun 30, 2009
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If you know me at all you know I have had my issues with Dan Snyder. I have made no secret of it either. Not in my blog or in my posts to various...

Excellent piece, Neo. My fear is that Snyder won't go that far. I think he HAS to say something to Shanny to let him know that kind of failure thinking will not be tolerated, but after the Zorn debacle, he may not approach Shanny. Which is a good sign in a way, but not what is needed now, IMO.
The problem is Shamahan's arrogant ego. If Snyder tries any of these suggestions, much less requires any of them, Sham will walk. And all the kings horses, and all the kings men, will rain down on Snyder, for meddling again.

We are stuck with Sham, and anything he does, for the rest of this season, and next. If we're not in the playoffs then, Snyder can do whatever he wants, and no one could accuse him of being impatient.

Of course, Sham's minions, will do so, regardless.
Do you really think he would walk, Ax? Seriously? He would be walking away from years with the most talented QB he has ever coached and leaving with a loosing record. If they can keep it quiet so no one knows Snyder laid down the law and they can make it look like the changes were Shanahan's idea (well, all except the promoting Bruce Allen part but even that doesn't need to be public) do you really thing he would walk away?

I'm not so sure. In fact, I don't think he would.
I absolutely think he'd walk away. And I'd bet his contract was worded to give him complete authority, and autonomy, making Snyder have to pay him his full contract.

Shanahan will not concede one smidgen of his authority.
I agree with Ax. There is little to no chance that Shanahan's ego would ever allow any of your suggestions.

If you want good entertainment go watch Shanahan's latest presser(last 2 min's) where the reporter corners him on saying evaluating players for the rest of the season. Shanahan has a complete meltdown.:smile2:
Well done, Neo. I agree with your wishes.

The likelihood of that scenario playing out is uncertain-and that's the best I can do right at the moment.

I'm in "evaluation mode" myself currently.
Shannahan has given us absolutely no reason to believe that he would ever be willing to give up one iota of his power. however I agree with everything in your post. to me the key will be looking to see if he hires new Oline, LB and DC's as well as actually fills some holes this off season trading down 50 times doesnt do us any good if we dont find guys who can play.

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