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Behavior Change: Skins Tees at MNF



"I think the relentless negative coverage in The Washington Post is a real difference from previous years," Redskins general counsel David Donovan said, in a quote I'm likely to recycle 7,000 times in the next week or so. "But in terms of the way our actual fans are behaving, we don't see any difference."

Look, there were 80,000 people at FedEx Field last night. No way I personally saw any sizable portion of that mass of humanity. But I didn't have to look particularly hard to find people wearing shirts that were crying out in rage. White people and black people, men and women, old people and young people, professional people and working-class people.
I cant believe what they have done to me... I found myself watching the game not surprised at all during the Campbell INT and fumble, or the Randle El fumble. I have come to expect this. I even laughed at Rabachs snap.
I cant believe what they have done to me... I found myself watching the game not surprised at all during the Campbell INT and fumble, or the Randle El fumble. I have come to expect this. I even laughed at Rabachs snap.

Its kind of like watching a NASCAR race. You don't know when the wreck(s) will happen, just that there will be some.

Everytime we seemed to take a step forward kept waiting for us to take two back.
I'll be disappointed if this doesn't get some major national coverage - intimidating the very fans who've made the Redskins brand what it is? I can't think of anything more disgusting or petty.
I would like to see the sales numbers for Redskins merchandise for past couple of months. Would be willing to bet there has been a trend downward.
OM, I know you and some others have had some access to the Redskin organization. Do you know if Snyder has people reading message boards, print, and stories on TV dealing with Redskins?

My gut is he has someone(s) reporting to him what is being said. Don't know if they're telling him the whole story or putting a positive spin on things. I just find it hard to believe that someone with his supposed intelligence hasn't thought there maybe some truth to what is being said.
Come on Mike - you know better than that. If I work at airport security, I probably have the 'right' to strip search all passengers. Doesn't make it acceptable. It's in fact, nothing short of outrageous. I'm a little dumbfounded you can't even bring yourself to call it what it is.

Snyder's forgotten who powers an NFL franchise, plain and simple, and that is and always will be the fans.
I'll be wearing my fire Vinny shirt....they eject me,

That'll be it with the Redskins getting ANY of my money until Snyder is gone.

And I will go out of my way to spread the message about how poorly the Redskins treat "The best fans in the world".

The Redskins really don't want to **** with their fans........Big mistake.
Mike, I just think you and Boone are looking at two perspectives both of which are valid. I, for one, am not only neither shocked nor surprised by Snyder's actions-I would be floored if he didn't react like this. That's the point. This type of behavior toward a fan base on the part of an owner is generally regarded as unacceptable on many levels-thus, there could be a great deal of negative publicity about this in the national press as opposed to more regional news outlets-this is a good story.
In order for it to get the attention of the national media, we'll either need our own Zapruder tape or hope local media with a camera can get lucky and capture security hassling these fans.

How about a class-action suit against The Danny charging him with violating the First Amendment? It probably wouldn't fly but the publicity alone would be worth it.
I agree with Mike that Lord Farquaad is able to do as he pleases within the bounds of the law in his own stadium. It's private property after all. However as is typically the case with this dimbulb, it's a ham handed solution that creates more problems than it solves. As with the suing of fans, how many potential customers did he lose with this move? What if some smart aleck decided to start a letter writing campaign to stadium advertisers raising this issue and requesting they pull their ads...or else? Then there's the issue of providing the media bonfire with yet another shot of gasoline to keep it burning for yet another day.

So yes, Snyder can do that but it's a loosing strategy. As with everything, Lord Farquaaf knows the cost of everything and the value of nothing.
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Never thought I would say this, but I plan to give up the opportunity to inherit my family's tix. This is a big deal for me. However, I can't continue to support this kind of action. The sign/shirt issue coupled with the COO going on the radio to blame everything on the WashPost and claim the fans haven't changed their behavior is absurd. Why is the COO on the radio if the fans aren't reacting to this abomination?

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