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Banks is back....

Miles Monroe

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Jul 15, 2009
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It's the little things in life that make me happy, and Brandon Banks being back on the roster is one of those little things...... No pun intended. Hope he's active tomorrow. Keiland Williams getting cut doesn't make me unhappy.

Life is good :cool4:

The Washington Redskins welcomed their Brandon Banks back to the 53-man roster Saturday and waived running back Keiland Williams in the process.

Read more: http://www.footballnewsnow.com/2010...n-banks-waive-keiland-williams/#ixzz11FvznBCs
I read on CBS fantasy that Torain might be the primary RB, with Portis in on third down? I thought Torain looked all right last week, not sure about all this change, or if this is just Shanny doing his RB thing.
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Torain still runs too high for my liking and that could eventually lead to him getting injured. Then again, I remember another guy who ran high but adjusted quite nicely....Stephen Davis.

It's pointless to bring Banks back unless you're going to use him. Give him a shot at returns and stick him in the slot on occasion, otherwise they should have just stuck him on the Practice Squad and let him emulate Vick and DeSean Jackson from there. Liked Williams as a 3rd down back so I'm hoping he gets a Practice Squad slot.
I think Shanny is looking to the near future not the here and now. Portis, while still a solid back, he isn't what he was when he played for the Broncos. The thought of relegating him to third downs, and pass pro would be fine with me if we find we have a younger back that can carry the load.

I may change my sig for the season to just one word that sums up this season IMO...

Man...we really could use some spark on special teams today - I also hope he gets some PT on returns.
Some quick crossing pattern with him could gain some yards. He might not survive long, but some guys are tougher than their size.
Some quick crossing pattern with him could gain some yards. He might not survive long, but some guys are tougher than their size.

Warrick Dunn is a good example. Five nine, 180 lbs, and took a pounding for some ten seasons between Tampa and Atlanta. Dunn had two inches, and 25 lbs on Banks, but smaller backs and receivers tend to get lost with all the big people on the field.
I'm intrigued with him. Just that way he moves with the ball. If he doesn't have the dropsies, he might find a role.
You have to find a way to use a guy like Banks. The NFL is a speed league. And when you've got speed like this kid does, you get it on the field, and you design plays specifically for him.

At least I hope you do.
Consider him used...
Consider him used...

I held my breath on every return he made but once he took off, I always had the feeling he could score. It's a great feeling to have.

I noticed that Shanahan inserted Philip Buchanon on pooch-type punts there at the end. Banks may be on a short leash when the game is on the line but it was nice so see him in there early on.
He really secured the ball on his returns. You could see the concentration there. Could be a nice find if he continues on this road. He's obviously been showing something in practice.
No more practice squad for him. If that happens, we lose him. Just use him on the returns and the occasional WR screen or end around. He'll pay dividends in these roles.
It was great he actually even got the call a couple of times aside from playing teams. Had blocking been better, who knows what he might have been able to do.
When he got into the game, I thought they tried to force it to him a little too much. Would have preferred they got Moss more involved. Or involved at all, actually.

But he is looking good on the punts, securing the ball nicely. We may have found a keeper.
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I was watching Comcast postgame show and Brian Mitchell said he is going to call Banks to offer some tips. Mitchell said he can give him some tips that he learned as a returner to help Banks.

I also got a little nervous each time, but you can tell once he gets by first way and turns on the jets...he is fun to watch.

Mitchell also said in talking to him in preseason the kid has a lot of heart. Heart and Speed are two things that can't be taught.
Due to an unfortunate incident, I was unable to see the return. Anyone have a link to the highlight?

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