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Ax's 2nd Annual, First Four Tshirt Contest



Yeah yeah, short notice, I know.

Name the 1st four opponents, win a BGO tshirt. Paid for by me.

Correct order would obviously be the Royal Straight Flush. But all four correct, in order or not, would be tough to beat, me thinks.

ALL division opponents must be picked as Home/Away. Anything without an @ will be considered home.

Any and all ties will be settled by me, with assistance from mods where necessary. If you don't like them rules, then don't play. It's costing you nothing. When it comes to this contest, I....am....Spartacus.

Only one winner. Just like the Super Bowl.
One entry per member. Non members need not apply.
Entries accepted until the moment of the schedules release on NFL.com, which is currently set for 8:00pm ET, Thursday April 18th.

I reserve the right to add, or change, any rule I see necessary to.

Last seasons winner was the world renowned, Lanky Livingston.
Good luck to all.

Well, to most, anyway. ;)


Oh hell yes I can win my own contest.

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Giants, Chiefs, @Raiders, @Vikings

edit: sorry, didn't include home/away.
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Lanky Livingston

Week 1: vs. Philly
Week 2: at Oakland
Week 3: vs. Kansas City
Week 4: at New York Giants
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Dead Money

, Mike Wise HATE'r
Jul 25, 2009
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Week 1: vs. Giants Eagles
Week 2: at Vikings
Week 3: vs. Chargers
Week 4: at Eagles Giants

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