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attacking a wide nine defence


Nov 17, 2010
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Someone on a coahing forum I go to asked me to post , I immediately thought someone should post something about this here. Its not filled with jargon and should be relatively easy to understand even for non coach or football nerds.

Attacking the wide nine for beginners.

In the wide 9 one or more of the de's will line up in a nine tech (outside the TE or where the TE would be) and basically shoot into the backfield to disrupt the passer. They usually use a sprinters stance and try to just run by the OT. This alignment is great against teams that try to use a mid or deep passing game with 3-5 step drops. However it can get gashed by short passing and solid rushing teams who are patient.

In the wide nine the Linebackers have got to be able to play in the wash and still make tackles, it actually uses a lot of 3-4 principles in the linebacker play. The Dtackles also try to get upfield, their tech is usually not gap control based but upfield. This can create seams and is exploited by running stretch plays or inside zone runs. If the backers arent playing downhill, they will get killed.

Against the fecals, the fecals linebackers are undersized and not great fits for this scheme, if we run a lot of inside zone and a few stretch runs to the right side, we should be able to grind the clock, what we cant do is try 3-5 step drops, we need to also hit the TE on short routes and backs out of the backfield have had huge games against the eagles so far. This defence is built for playing against teams trying to come from behind, its geared to stop teams from going for home runs. Teams who will dink and dunk and run the ball can control the clock, the key is not to abandon the run early and to use our Tes to exploit seams just off tackle and the short outs that naturally open up by the alignment of the OLB.

The Fecals have solid Dbs, but for some reason arent using asomugha in press man, instead hes playing a lot of soft man and zone, if this continues, we should use moss against him because he should be able to get open, but our primary targets should be TE's on outs and seams and backs in arrow and short release patterns. this is a winnable game.

Still not sure why they abandoned the run so early, but Grossman had time to throw. He just threw it very poorly. A couple of those INTs should have been TDs.
As soon as we started passing instead of tring to establish the run, I knew we were ****ed. Grossman is not someone who can win a game for you, and against a team that has one of the ****tiest run D's in the league, we should have been pounding the hell out of the ball

For that I blame K Shanny. Sorry assed "gameplan"

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