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Aug 1, 2009
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If I were in charge down there Mike Smith would be fired! There is no excuse for handing that game to the Giants the way he did. On 4th and 1, on 2 separate occasions, he went for it. The first one "may" have been excusable, but the 2nd one was inexcusable when you're playing on the road in the playoffs. You could see a completely deflated team after they could not convert the second one then the Giants turned it on.

You would think he'd learned his lesson after the Saints loss earlier in the season when in OT he went for it on 4th and 1 inside his own territory against a division rival.

He is a good coach, but after 3 consecutive losses in the playoffs with such a talented team, they need someone who is going to get the most out of that talent.
I've been thinking the same thing. He is a buffoon. Going for it the second time was dumb. Take the field goal and close it to 10-5. It was only half-way through the third quarter and plenty of time was left to win the game.
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Well, it IS the playoffs - so in some ways I admire the aggressiveness. On the other hand, if you're going to go for it, show some creativity. A little end around on either of those would've been an easy first down instead of predictably smashing a fullback right into the line.
At home down by more points with less time left in the game I can understand, but like BB said there was half of the 3rd quarter left. There is aggressive and there is...well...

If the Saints' fiasco had not have happened just a month ago putting them in the position of Wild Card instead of having a shot at the division, I would probably say nothing about it.

I think all of that coupled with the lack of Ice or any progression in Matty Ice's play in the post-season, it's time to bring in someone who will take full advantage of the talent they have before Michael Turner is gone. With the pounding he takes, he has 1 or 2 seasons left so their window is short since they gave up half the farm for Julio Jones.

And I think the OC is being talked about for the HC job in Miami.

Edit: Oh, and he abandoned the run with Turner way too early.
I didn't have the opportunity to watch the game but I was shocked to see he did that upon watching the recap. If I was the Falcons' owner he'd be gone, not only for going for it but also for calling a lousy play. Sending a nicked-up Turner into a fair to mediocre line against a defense stacked against the run. DOH!!

Speaking of which, I think Turner is awfully close to the end. He tailed off a lot at the end of the season this year and last. He is/was a good player but definitely declining.

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