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As a new season dawns-Zorn


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Jul 16, 2009
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As Jim Zorn prepared for his second season as Redskins head coach, he visited with Redskins editors Gary Fitzgerald and Matt Terl for an exclusive Q&A interview prior to training camp.

Q: What can fans expect to see from the Redskins in 2009?

A: “Fans can expect to see some new faces who I think will have an impact on the team. They can expect our young guys--Devin Thomas, Fred Davis and Malcolm Kelly, among others--to get playing time. They can expect to see Albert Haynesworth have an impact on the defensive line and they can expect to see Derrick Dockery reunite with our offensive line.

“Our new punter Hunter Smith is a significant addition and that area of special teams should improve. And the last thing I expect fans to see is a much faster offense and a much-improved quarterback in Jason Campbell.

“Starting in preseason, our formula is to elevate the team from the backup positions on, and then moving forward get our starters--our mainstays--to elevate their game as well.”

Q: Your offense is in its second year in Washington. What do you see as areas of improvement?

I really love Zorn's confidence. From his comments on the play-calling, to his comments about 'when we make the Super Bowl'...I just love his positive vibe.

I recognize, there are a lot of failed NFL coaches who could 'rah rah' with the best of them, but I just get the feeling good things may happen for Zorn. I hope I'm right, I think he's a genuine nice guy and if he fails, it won't be for lack of doing the right kinds of things.
I'm pulling out all the good Mojo for this season!!!!:2thumbsup:
Like every year, I get all hyped up, hoping that this will be the year the Skins become one of those Cinderella teams. We'll see.

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