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Around the fan world-thoughts on Shanahan/McNabb



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Jun 30, 2009
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Raleigh, NC


As usual, I've been bouncing around a few fan forums to see what's being said about this whole Shanahan/McNabb thing.

Turns out we're now closing in on Dallas and Minnesota in thread popularity it seems-with a multitude of perspectives like the Arizona Cardinals fans who started a thread salivating over the idea of McNabb maybe becoming available.

One quote struck me as not only poignant-but ironic.

Arizona Cardinals fan forum-"So, point being, is McNabb the QB he was in Philly? No. But he's a country mile better than anything we have while we're developing someone to be "the guy."
Sound familiar?

Then this from Cleveland.

Cleveland Browns fan forum-"Granted McNabb may not be the brightest QB to ever play the game, but Grossman!!!!!! C'mon man!!!! If swapping Grossman for McNabb at that point in the game was a reflection of mental aptitude the only person's lack of brainpower highlighted was Shanahan's. Shanahan's move put him in the same conversation circle as Wade Phillips and Brad "Chili" Childress. It was DUMB, DUMB, DUMB in my opinion. Over the years Shanahan overthinks things at times and his brain short circuits. This was a classic case of that happening. His pride will never let him admit he was wrong and then he lies about why he did it."

New England Patriots fans are seriously all over this.

New England Patriots fan forum-"This was a huge mistake by Shanny. When McNabb was benched a year or two ago in Philly for half a game they had to give him a "financial apology" that led to his contract being bumped up in amount but not in length.

McNabb must be livid and ready to explode. Gonna be fun watching this story develop."
and this...

ew England Patriots fan forum again-"I guess Grossman was on some team with the O-Coordinater last year and has a better grasp of the terminology than ol' Donovan. FWIW.

That statement was Shanny's excuse for pulling McNabb, and a reeking pile o' fecal matter.

Grossman spent one year with Houston and Kyle Shanahan. He played in exactly 1 game there during which he did not run the two minute drill. Grossman's past history and lack of playing time over the last couple years could not possibly merit him replacing McNabb in a crucial situation.

To be fair McNabb has never been good at the 2 minute drill, in part because Reid and the rest of the Philly coaching staff never show any urgency late in the games and are horrible at clock management. Even so, pulling him for Grossman is going to create a sh*tstorm of epic proportions.

The fact that Shanny is giving preference to his son over McNabb is going to do nothing to help that team win."
More to come...

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