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'Arcade' lovers....


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Just an fyi, in case you aren't paying attention :)

We are continually adding new games. You can find new additions by entering the Arcade and looking for the oh-so-cleverly titled 'New Additions' section. Don't forget that not only can you challenge individual members to a game duel (simply click on their member name anywhere in the forum and select 'Challenge _____ in the Arcade!') for a 1 on 1 challenge, or start or join a tournament on the Arcade home page.

We have an amazing Arcade here at BGO. And right now, let's face it, I own you.

Game on.
I am the arcade champion again.........the ultimate gaming warrior!!!!!!!!!

cue my music.....
I decided to give it a try and it's saying "you do not have permission to access this page" when I try to play any of the games.
Should've mentioned that the 'Arcade' is a BGO Premium feature.

Man, am I a tease, or what? :)
ahhh...that would explain it :)

Deed is done, and overdue if truth be told.
Glad to have you in the lower deck Hog :cheers: And you will never ever defeat me in Skeeball.
I'm coming for you Boone...broke 1000 today!!

It's all in the wrist. I've been married 20 years this December 9th. No way anyone has had the wrist workouts I have over the years :)

Bring it!
Have all my records been shattered? It's been a very long time since I played in the arcade
We reset them all a month or so ago. New blood and all...
Ten new games added today.

One of my new favorites, Tiny Castle. Simple, and complex all at the same time. The kind of game Atari would've loved.

Damn it people! Stop beating my high scores. I wasted a lot of time getting those high scores!

I'm looking at you, China! I'm coming for the Trim It high score...

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*Bumpity Bump*

We've added another 25 or so games to the BGO Arcade today. For those of you with Premium memberships, just a heads up in case you are particularly bored and want to waste some more precious life minutes!

Just head to the Arcade and select 'New Additions'.

Clever, aren't we? :)
Need to add to my trophy case. Thanks for the new games and the arcade itself. If my alma mater continues to stay in this game, it may be later this evening. If not, I'll play some games sometime sooner. :happy:

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