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Anyone else think Kiper is a hack?

I really hope he doesn't come here. 2 years of Manning....or a potential 10 years with a first round QB. I'll take the latter.
Well, if we were of a mind to draft a young stud QB and have him learn at the feet of a master, you could ask for worse plans.

I just don't see it happening. I believe Manning will retire a Colt. Period.
Well, if we were of a mind to draft a young stud QB and have him learn at the feet of a master, you could ask for worse plans.

Now this might be a great scenario. But what would the cost be to get Manning alone? At least a first.

Combine that with what it could cost us to move up in the first to get that stud QB, and I don't see it as very possible. We may have to give up an additional first just to move up.
And Skinsfan, I don't believe Kiper is a hack. I believe he is incredibly knowledgable, even in the deepest rounds, of NFL drafts. I just believe he is handed a topic, has a deadline, and has to write something about it.

Imagine being a NBA writer at this moment. And you are contracted to write so many words per week. What are you going to write about? Dwight Howard trade rumors--just like every other writer in the same position.
I don't think Kiper is a hack either. I just needed a title.

Rumors that I have heard is that Manning could be cut because of the contract and could be a free agent.
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That's the scenario I was addressing...I think it would be reasonable to a) bring Manning here as a free agent and b) draft our young stud for him to mentor.

I'm not sure why he'd want to come to DC other than the 'take us to a Super Bowl and prove that you are the kind of QB that can put a franchise on his back and take them to glory' argument.

The other factor here is whether he will ever be physically able to play again at all, and even if the answer is yes, can he be the guy he's been. I think those are still open questions.
Sorry, it is under the ESPN Insider. Here is what is says:

With that in mind, here are what I consider to be five of the best options for Manning to resume his career elsewhere if the Colts decided to part ways. Given what they might have to pay two quarterbacks, a part of me thinks it's not at all a weird notion that Manning is elsewhere. Where? Well, how about …

1. Washington Redskins

Right now the Skins have no long-term answer on the current roster at quarterback, with Rex Grossman and John Beck doing just enough to keep the team competitive, but not nearly enough to have either be considered a true solution.

But the Redskins do have some things going for them: a defense that has played well and figures to be even better in 2012, an offensive line with some good young pieces and a running game that could succeed if there was more fear of the quarterback. They also have a good tight end in Fred Davis, a terribly underrated route-runner in Santana Moss and an aggressive owner. Is there a reason the Redskins can't win the NFC East next year with Manning under center? I don't see one.
Just curious, what would people think of bringing Manning in as a FA under a relatively short term deal, and NOT drafting a QB next year, with the plan for drafting his replacement a year or two down the line? If Manning could make us competitive right away, that would free us up to a) draft a developmental QB b) trade down and accumulate more draft picks and/or c) concentrate on the many other areas of need. Theoretically, the team could grow for a year or two with an experienced proven QB, thus allowing (hopefully) less of a learning curve and transition when the youngster was drafted and ready.

Not sure I agree with that, but I could see Shanny and Danny going for it, and convincing themselves that is the way to go.

EDIT: all of the above is predicated on Manning getting an absolute, unequivocal clean bill of health, not breaking the bank as a FA, etc.

EDIT (part II): You know, the more I think about this scenario, the more I think it depends on how we finish out this year. If we lose out, I think logic dictates that we aren't close, and we need a new franchise QB that will grow up with the rest of the youngsters. However, if we win a few more games, I really could see Shanny and Danny convincing themselves that we are close to being competitive and need a field general like Manning to put us in the playoffs, while pushing off the young QB for a couple of years.
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I don't see a scenario where Manning is a FA, Goal, so I don't think it matters. If he can physically play, the Colts will keep him and if he can't physically can't play, we won't sign him.
I don't see a scenario where Manning is a FA, Goal, so I don't think it matters. If he can physically play, the Colts will keep him and if he can't physically can't play, we won't sign him.

I dunno Neo, the more I think about it, the more I think it may be a stronger possibility than we all think. Jim Irsay has pretty much said they are taking Luck. If that happens, what's the point of resigning Reggie Wayne, Jeff Saturday and some of the other FA's the team has? Are they really gonna sit Luck for 2+ years while Manning finishes his career?

Now is actually the perfect time to cut ties with Manning, imo. They simply aren't good enough to win a SB anytime soon. Most people agree that even with Manning they might not have made the playoffs this year, and next year, everyone is a year older. The time for them to enter a horrific, painful rebuild is now, when they have high draft picks.

Besides which, there are rumblings out of Indy that the Polian family may not be safe after this season's debacle. Clearly, Jim Caldwell has to go, and a lot of people think Polian and his son may as well. So if they bring in a new GM/President, that person will likely have no loyalty to Manning or any other player.

Here's a good article detailing why the Colts may be best served by cutting ties with Peyton:

I heard a report that Manning play actually return to action for the Colts soon, this year.
If that's true, then obviously the Colts are not tanking the season, for Luck.

Peyton could be trying to force the Colts hand with talk of resuming play THIS season. IF, and it's a BIG IF, he is cleared the play BEFORE the end of the season, and the Colts don't allow it, it will show they want Luck. THAT could cause Peyton to ask for a release whereby he becomes a FA.

The Colts don't want any negative PR issues and Peyton wants the Colts to SHOW some type of commitment to him. Because of this, I think he forces the Colts hand BEFORE the draft.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out.
I think Peyton's goal is to practice before the end of the year not to play in a game.
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If you were PM...would you come to Skins land with our O-line?
The Colts would be wise to cut ties with Peyton altogether. If he comes back, the Colts should trade him for whatever they could get for him. They are not near a playoff appearance within the next 3 years with or without him. While they are at it, they would be wise to trade players like Freeney and Mathis while they still have value since there is little likelihood they would be around for another playoff appearance for them either.

As for Peyton, he would be wise to end his career after the injury he has. While I admit it would be nice to have him on the team for 2 years to help mold any young QB we bring in, I agree that he would need control of the offense and we all know what happened when we brought in another over the hill, independent QB. Not saying Manning is as bad as McNabb, but I see a potentially similar situation between Peyton and Kyle...control issues.

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