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Any changes in the next 10 days?


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Jul 19, 2009
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Do we hope for a 7 game winning streak again this year, or do we give some very deserving assistant coaches their walking papers?

I am totally done with Kyle and Haslett. Kyle has costed us at least 2 games this year by giving up on the run, and I am sick of it. The defense sucks, there is no other way to put it. I do not think we will wait till the end of the year to make one or both of these moves. Look at last week we tried to give that game away, and we handed it to Denver on a silver platter.
We won't make the move during the season, but come January, I could see it happening now.

The next ten days should be spent on installing the younger players into the starting lineup. Let them get valuable game experience. Gettis, Rambo, Hankerson, LeRibeus, Gumbs, Compton, Reed, Murphy, Neild, etc. - let them play.

Sign a new punter during the long break. Shake it up. See what works.
There is not way in hell that Kyle should call another offensive play for us, the man is clearly clueless! I mean even Kelly wants to know what we stop running the ball when we have a lead. We all know our o line is bad, so why not run it? I am so ****ing pissed right now, 2 out of the past 3 weeks I am totally embarrassed.
Kelly is a passionate football fan and those who love the game can see what is going on. Her insights and yours does not surprise me in the least. Ditto for the members here at BGO.
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Bury the Redskins as a franchise.
Change the name.
Move the team to LA, and start over.
We don't deserve a team.
There's no way we fire Kyle and keep Mike, IMO. I think Mike would quit if we did that.

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Mike was forced to fire bad coaching hire after bad coaching hire in Denver. But I don't see who could replace these people in the middle of the season. So no coaching changes in the next ten days.

Affter the season is over, they can force Mike and his staff out.

As for players, BB's line of thinking is attractive. But I doubt Mike will think of it.
Well, if we're gonna keep Shamahan another season, then they must extend his contract, by Monday.
Unless we can plug the huge holes in our O line and defense magically in the next several days then I agree, let the young guys get experience and gut it out the next 7 weeks.
I'm really excited about yet another new coaching staff, and starting the **** over one more time.[/sarcasm]
One would like to think that guys like Gettis,Compton and Hurt would get an extended look under live fire but with Shanny? No way in hell that happens.
With Chris Thompson going to IR, I'd like to see the team promote Nick Williams from the PS and see what he can do in the return game.

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