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Another year in the Snyder era under 10 wins

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Oct 20, 2009
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Falls Church VA

I posted this at the other place. Just wanted everyone to see the numbers in their face

With today's loss, we officially will not reach the 10 win barrier in the Snyder era

This owner has ruined the Washington Redskins and all evidence shows it.

The Snyder era"or"

1999- 10-6 (a team that Snyder has little in putting together)

2000- 8-8

2001- 8-8

2002- 7-9

2003- 5-11

2004- 6-10

2005- 10-6

2006- 5-11

2007- 9-7

2008- 8-8

2009- 3-7

9 out of 10 seasons failing to reach 10 wins

No division titles since 1999

1 playoff win

Folks, this is your Washington Redskins under the worst owner in pro sports

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Jul 15, 2009
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Bryson City, NC

I don’t consider the Skins’ fan base to be an unreasonable bunch, but you don’t need to look any further than those numbers to see why most folks have had it. Even the two Gibbs playoff teams were only so-so (come on be honest). The last really good team we had was when Norv was here. It hurt to even type that.

To both the player’s credit and to Zorn’s they continue to play hard. We’ve had seasons where that didn’t happen. You love to see the effort and it makes it harder to be mad at the players. That said I’m not going to come off of my previous position that the O-line needs to be blown up and rebuilt, a better QB needs to be brought in, a real GM needs to be brought in and a new head coach.

Trade ONE of our four field goal attempts yesterday for a touchdown and we would’ve had a win. The same thing could be said for several of our games earlier this season. Zorn is supposed to be an offensive coach. He simply has not gotten it done on that side of the ball in his two years here. You can blame it all personnel if you want, but the good coaches figure out a way to make it work. He hasn’t. I’ll support no stay of execution for Jim even though he seems like a nice guy.

At the end of the day though the buck can only stop at one desk, Dan Snyder’s. We’ve been over this time and time again. Until he “gets it” we are going to be stuck in the same spin cycle. Dan can buy into the idea that Vinny has brought in playoff talent if he wants. Here in the real world that just sounds crazy. But hey...he wants to win more than anything...right?



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Nov 3, 2009
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Port St John, Florida


Agreed, not even the Joe Gibbs teams were efficient on effense. For the most part, JG was smart enough and was a strong enough leader to will this team to a few extra games a season. I would say the 99 team was better than anything Gibbs II put together.

Since we're being honest.........


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Apr 12, 2009
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Fairfax, VA

To be honest, the '05 team was the best team we've had since Gibbs I. And it's not even close.

We played a much MUCH tougher schedule in '05. We had a better record against a much tougher division. We had a more balanced team despite suffering more injuries. We didn't get swept by Dallas. We swept them.

'99 was all the planets aligning perfectly for us at once. Terrible division, no injuries, extremely easy schedule, several players having career years at the same time ... the next best team in the NFC East that year was the 8-8 Cowboys who swept us (!), and we still only went 5-3 in the division. We had a terrible defense (30th in the league). We played only three teams with winning records all year and lost two of them (our one win being against the 9-7 Dolphins in a meaningless week 17 game.)

In '05 we were much more balanced. We were top 11 in both offense and defense. We played a staggering NINE teams with winning records, winning five of them. We went 5-1 in a division with two other winning teams, sweeping everyone but the Giants because we happened to be the unfortunate team that walked into Giants Stadium on Day After Owner Dies day.

Given the unusually favorable circumstances in '99, a mere 10 wins and a second round bow-out was nothing but a disappointment. No, in my opinion Gibbs brought us the one solidly respectable season we had since ... well since Gibbs. And given that Gibbs is unlikely to return a third time ... well ... I don't know what the hell we're gonna do now.
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Lanky Livingston

I agree with Henry - 2005 was a great season...which made it all the more confusing as to why they brought in Saunders in 2006. Did that move really have the Gibbs stamp of approval? Or was it forced on him? This, in my eyes, was the biggest stumbling block in Gibbs 2.0.

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