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Andre Carter on "Come on, man!" MN Countdown segment

Lanky Livingston

I hate this segment, because it replaced "Jacked Up" in the family-friendly Disney-owned ESPN world, but Andre Carter definitely deserves it. Salad tongs!!

Oh yeah, Carter had 2 sacks and a number of tackles and the D had 8 sacks...... but the only thing ESPN can talk about it the missed fumble grab.

C'Mon Man!!!!

The whole segment is generally stupid, if ESPN had a C'Mon Man for all the generally braindead things they do on a daily basis, the clip would be about 20 minutes or so.

Also, Jackson (or whoever called Carter out) should know what coaches tell players all the time, this is coaching 101, if there is a fumble you FALL ON THE BALL. Not scoop and score.......that's why he didn't get the fumble.
Carter falls on the ball, it's 1st and goal at the 2; not Raiders ball.
I really hate it because it seems like they are trying to be "urban" with the COME ON MAAAN...sounds stupid. And I hate Tom Jackson.

Incognito is a dirty mofo....we know that first hand.

I must have missed something because the "C'mon Man" thing just kind of struck me as a joke, a tongue-in-cheek light comedy almost cartoon-like pseudo-commentary on sports plays. I never even thought of taking it seriously.

Mike, you brought up Incognito-a thread showed up yesterday in that Packer forum I visit debating the merits of picking him up to add to the roster there. The majority opinion is developing into "are you outta yer freakin' mind?!?-the guy's a nutcase!"

I would tend to agree-anyone picking up this on-field sociopath is, I believe, just asking for trouble.
It's not a cow. I spilled ink on the damn thing.

On an unrelated note ... think I'm going for a steak sub at lunch.
Umm...not sure who was complaining about the old look, I thought it was fine. However, I am not a fan of the Cowpukes colors you have chosen for the board. I swear it feels like I am on a Cow****s site when I sign on!

Oh wait!!!! This is April 1. I got duped! Ugh!!!!!
Last edited:
Well I must admit, I signed on and was thinking, WTF? Awful... I guess I shouldnt be surprised that the Aprils fools stuff leaked over from ES. :-D

As you wish. :)
Wait, the new look is an April Fool's thing?? Seriously?

I've never gotten the whole April Fool's thing.
Not being a grinch, just honestly have never gotten it. I always thought it was pretty stupid because folks do it for big things. Little stuff? OK, but it's gotten so bad that ya see news headlines on mainstream sites or newspapers with prank stories. It's so bad that some sites are pointless to look at because so many of their "stories" are bunk.

Sorry but I find that annoying and stupid.
I'm really confused ? is this a April Fools joke or are you guys re-designing the site ...Because I myself really like the one we had... ....? I actually thought my computor was losing it ...
Yeah, I'm hoping this is an April Fool's joke because....well....it blows. ;)
We learned something yesterday. Our "look" is generally okay with most of you. :)
True that.

Would've made for a pretty lame April Fool's thingy though.

Or should I say, even lamer. :cool:
True that.

Would've made for a pretty lame April Fool's thingy though.

Or should I say, even lamer. :cool:
You know, it takes talent to turn a nice design into such a fugly one. Thank goodness for style sheets to make the changes quick to implement! :betterwink:

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