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An Evening with Bruce Allen

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Jul 15, 2009
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Bryson City, NC
I have a friend of mine (who is a Giants fan) who received an invitation to “An Evening with Bruce Allen” where he will share his insights on the 2010 season. Sounds interesting.

It says there will be cocktails, a behind the scenes stadium tour and a raffle. He has no idea what list he was on to be included in this offer. It has several dates and asks for an RSVP. It's also non-transferable if the post card is to be believed.

I’ve heard no press about this. Any of you guys going?
I haven't heard about it but I'd sure as heck love to be somebody's guest...if that's even possible.
Apparently my invitation got lost in the mail, but here's a quick google search link ...


If you click the "invitation card" JPG at top center it pops up what looks like an open invitation, but can't tell if it's intended for all parties or not. It says RSVP info and details are "on the back" but you can't access it ...

It's all very mysterious.
He brought the post card in for me this morning (at work). I'll scan it when I get home to let you guys check it out.

On the back of this post card it gives one time, 6:30pm to 8:30pm, and several dates:

Tuesday June 8th
Wednesday June 9th
Thursday June 10th
Tuesday June 22nd and
July 21st

The invitation looks like it's good for the recipient and a guest. I'd be happy to have you tag along Yusuf06 (or anyone else who could make it) if I can find a way to RSVP under my name as my friend is definitely not interested in going. I'll give the phone line a call when I get a chance and see what they say.
Well, I tried to call a couple of times and it went straight to the voice-mail of a lady there at Redskin Park. I'll try a little earlier tomorrow and let you guys know what happens.
Very close WDM. This is for Redskin Premium Club members only. My friend has no idea how he got on the list as he never had Skins' season tickets.

I wasn't going to try to get one over on the nice lady who answered the phone (she could have easily looked up the membership info anyway). So much for that.
A buddy of mine just went and had a great time. He's on the ST wait list. Another guy who just canceled his ST also got an invite. The goal is to sell club seats so really anyone could get an invite, sounds like it was a bit random in the choosing.

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